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Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2010 at 4:57pm CST by 99bff9b5

Product: Prepaid Customer Service

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: PO Box 1037 Folsom
FOLSOM, CA, 95763-1037, US


Category: Telecommunications

I have been a long time customer of Verizon Wireless, for over 8 yrs. During which time I have increased my cell phone coverage,added more lines and purchase many cell phones. Because of the expense, I have included the insurance coverage to most of our phones. Recently, we purchased the Voyager by LG. Since we bought this almost 2 yrs ago, we have replaced the phone 4 times. The screen has gone, or the phone is dropped, lost, etc. Due to restrictions on the insurance you can only receive 2 phones a yr and they are always ReFURBISHED! If you went online to purchase a refurbished Voyager it would cost you roughly $99.00, or brand new at $200.00. Unfortunately, the Voyager fell and the screen stopped working, the front buttons were damaged beyond use and we followed the insurance process to replace the phone. Low and behold, I received a charge from Verizon Wireless for $409.99 for equipment charges. Stating that Verizon Wireless warehouse can decline a phone if it is physically or liquid damage. IT FELL OF course there is PHYSICAL damage. Still, no reason why if I pay $20.00 mth for insurance would I pay additional $409.99 for a refurbished phone. At that cost I could buy the Voyager brand new or the Droid! I am surprised that Verizon Wireless is charging an exorbitant fee, and not willing to remove the charge or reduce the cost. IT is unbelievable, at this point it is cost efficient to cancel with Verizon Wireless and go to AT&T may be less coverage but better service and a guarantee that when you pay for insurance EVERYTHING is Covered and there are no hidden or additional FEES!


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