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Posted on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 at 12:35pm CST by afdaadeb

Company: shopnbc

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On 12/06/09 I purchased the Invicta Men's Subaqua Noma III Ocean Quest Watch w/ Interchangeable Strap & Bracelet Set. the host said it was easy to change the straps and to carefully put in the pins.I put all straps on except the leather strap and when I started to put leather strap on it was difficult to put on and started screwing it in and it stripped.I turned it counter clockwise till i felt the click then turned it to clockwise and it some how stripped. ok so i called customer service on 12/13/09 and explained what happened to the cs agent she said ok fine you can send it back and return it. I then asked her if I purchase another one they would credit me back on the returned item and she said yes I could do that, I said are you sure secause I can't afford to have 2 same watches. she replied yes and so I purchased the second watch.

sent it back on 12/14/09 usps $18.90 shipping, shopnbc recieved my return on 12/18/09, and I recieved the new watch 12/17/09.then I call shopnbc to find out whats going on with my return on or around 12/19th and on the 22nd.they did some research and said they would e-mail the warehouse in bowling green and it should show up shortly,ok so on 12/31/09 a fed-ex guy shows up at my door and I'm wondering why a package was here and it was from shopnbc and opened it and it was the watch I sent back and was shocked.

I called cs and asked why it was returned to me and they said some scratches etc. and they could not overide the warehouse decision etc.If the watch is defective and other people are having same problem and on my new watch I can't even use the leather strap because it won't screw in properly and will strip the threads,then the product is not as stated. go to shopnbc and go thru the reviews of this watch. and so I am a little unhappy at this because now I paid approximately 790 + 18.90 shipping and I cannot afford to throw 18.90 to ship back only to get it returned to me. when you get a new watch that ur excited about it, you want to wear it and it has a tiny scratch from wearing it and I believe I got screwed and now I have 2 watches of the same color,make and out 420.00. If you buy a product from shopnbc be cautious of there return department.

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