Valu Inn Sea Tac

Posted on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 at 3:03am CST by 654d8481

Company: Valu Inn Sea Tac

Location: 22246 Pacific Hwy Des Moines, WA 98198
Seattle, WA, 98198, US


Category: Other

We stopped by this so called hotel to spend a night on a business trip.

Their rates shown online as $34 and they charged me $70 for a single night single room, At the check in they required cash and the reception person was very disrespectful. We went upstairs to see the room they gave us, and found out it was absolutely disgusting inside, very bad stinky smell.Even my dogs house 100% more cleaner than that.

After seeing that mess we immediately went back to reception and they rejected to refund my money. After a while of discussion a drunk wasted owner and manager DANNY Denison came out of the door and started talking waste to cause a fight. These are 100% SCAMMERS. DON'T GO TO THIS PIECE OF DISGUNTING DUMP. THEY DID NOT refund the money at all. I got a million times better 4 star hotel for the same price in the same very night, service over there was beautiful! KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMERS!!


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