Fagnelli Plumbing - Fagnelli Plumbing Rip-Off

Posted on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 at 4:10pm CST by d1471e19

Product: plumbing

Company: Fagnelli Plumbing

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, 15213, US

Category: Other

Called Fagnelli Plumbing to my house a couple weeks before Christmas. I had a few jobs (2 leaky faucets, toilet runs occasionally) that I wanted to have fixed before our holiday company came to town. They totally tried to rip me off with a price that was out of this world! Im not sure how they came up with it (maybe I was paying for someones Christmas!) In the end I hired another plumbing company who did a great job at a reasonable (?) price. I know plumbing jobs are expensive, but I feel they were trying to see what they could scam from me!

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226f0179, 2010-02-25, 12:11PM CST

To Whom it may concern:

When someone comes to your home and quotes you a upfront price for work to be done in a professional manner, clean and Highest quality products on the market (ie: Brass and Copper) and all Techs Are lic. by Allegheny County Health Dept Plumbing Div. It May cost you a little extra. But did you recieve the same response time, products and warranty after the work was done ? if theres a problem will they come back as fast as they did to get the work and fix it for free under warranty ? Most of all did you get the same work done as you asked us ? or less for a lesser cost ? Its easy to slam other people for things that nobody else knows what really went on or asked for...And what`s a reasonable price ? Is GAS at a REASONABLE price ? Oil ? Cars ? Auto Repair ? Everything is reasonable to the person who wants quality. Good luck in your Quest.....

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