Modern Communications - Cellular phone repair ripoff

Posted on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 at 2:12am CST by 9e16e45c

Product: Cellular repair

Company: Modern Communications

Location: 2415 N Monroe St
Tallahassee, FL, 32304, US

Category: Other

I thought I'd write this up for any consumer who is smart enough to not take someone's claim at face value. Case in point is the claim that someone can help you fix your cellular phone, which I accepted as truth from a young man named, "Crane" who runs his own little company out of Florida he calls, "Modern Communications". I sent him a brand new G1 phone that had its screen cracked just a couple of days after its purchase, but was otherwise mint and I'd planned on selling on Ebay for $300.

In the same package, I also included the replacement screen which I'd bought off of Ebay for $35. It was about a week later that Crane called to inform me that this part was malfunctioned and he'd need to order me another one. I told him that it wasn't a problem, but asked him to send the malfunctioned part back so that I could get a refund for it.

Another week passed until I was made fully aware of the ineptitude of this person after he called to inform me that my phone was finished but there was one minor problem. The new screen he'd ordered for me (and installed) was chipped. Why in the world he'd go through the effort of installing a chipped screen I'll never know, but, "It's not that big" he assured me. He also mad ea point of telling me how much time he'd put into the phone already, seeming to insinuate that it would be a hassle if I found this 'minor' flaw to be unacceptable.

I felt a little foolish in having to explain that since the sole purpose of my sending him the phone was to make it look new again, and since I was paying for this part, I'd rather have one that didn't have a chip in it.

Having to point out something that should have been so obvious was nothing less than bizarre and it made me realize I was sealing with someone who was a little 'off'.

Skip forward another 4-5 weeks and I've got the phone back. The new screen he'd installed wasn't properly adhered to the phone, leaving a bubble under it. An obviously damaged universal charger was sent in place of the original (which I can only assume he lost) and one of the screws inside the phone was missing while another looked to be filed down. The phone's casing wouldn't stay snapped together anymore, so the phone was literally coming apart at the seams. Essentially, the phone had all but been destroyed.

It was far too late to get back the $35 for the part he couldn't be bothered to send back, so all told I spent $170 for a phone that he'd devalued by about $150. My total loss was about $300.

I politely informed Crane of my predicament and asked for at least a partial refund, to which he responded by informing me that my only option was to send the phone back to him. Well no thanks! Not only did I have no recourse should he simply decide to keep the phone, but I had plenty of reason to believe that he'd somehow cause more damage to the unit.

My point is that this man clearly demonstrated that he doesn't have the faculties necessary to be repairing high-end phones as he seems to be in over his head. Yet he's got youtube videos up and is actively advertising his services.

I'm not writing this for retribution, but because I hope that someone thinks to google, "Modern Communications" before sending their phone to him, runs across this, and thinks twice about it.


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