Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center - Avoid Dr Kleiman at all costs

Posted on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 at 6:21am CST by dd2e33f4

Company: Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center

Location: 3025 Matlock Road
Arlington, TX, 76015, US

URL: http://www.lasiksurgery.com/

Category: Other

Heartless, rude, and incompetent! Dr. Kleiman took one very brief look at my eye and then said I had a mass in my eye. When I asked what does that mean, he said "A mass, an atypical mass or tumor." Then he handed me a business card of another ophthalmologist, and told me to go see him in stead. And then he left the room. He never even gave me a chance to ask him questions about this "tumor". Can a doctor be so cold as to tell a patient they have a tumor and then stand up and walk out on them? I don??t wish this to my worst enemy. I am very fortunate though that he referred me to someone other than him for further care!!


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