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Posted on Sunday, January 31st, 2010 at 4:36pm CST by 5f732945

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Company: Newport News

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i won't repeat my prior postings, but in summary, after 8+ weeks of waiting for an exchange & refunds on timely returns & the never ending runaround & lies from newport news, i stopped being patient. i was on the phone with a totally rude, loud & condescending rep who kept repeating prior lies: their policy is 6-8 weeks for refunds (web site says 30 days), my return hasn't been processed (after 8 weeks), they're too busy to call or email me on the progress, their returns department is STILL backed up from the holidays and their processing department is also backed up.

when i finally lost the miniscule patience i had left and told him i was going to initiate a dispute resolution with my visa credit card bank, he actually had the nerve to tell me this procedure would put me into "collections" and my credit rating would be ruined! fortunately i'm a business person and a c.p.a. & knew that was yet another bold lie.

i got off the phone & immediately filed my dispute with visa, which is a laborious process i was not looking forward to (sending copies of all the paperwork & detailing all communications). well lo and behold, miraculously on the very SAME day as my above phone conversation, there appeared my long awaited credit from newport news on my visa statement.

all this leads me to the logical conclusion that newport news intentionally doesn't process refunds for as long as they can get away with, enabling them to keep earning interest on my money they haven't refunded. multiply this by the thousands of customers they do this to, and they're earning quite a hefty sum of interest on a regular and ongoing basis. if this procedure wasn't intentional on their part, then how is it that on the phone i'm told my returns hadn't been "processed" & they were still backed up, yet the very same day i threaten to start dispute resolution, they miraculously stop being backed up and immediately "process" my return.

needless to say, i will never buy from newport news again. this is a major scam on their part to keep your money & thereby earn interest. so if anyone else has a similar problem with them, make sure you use a non newport news credit card to make purchases with them. if you should need to make a timely return and don't get your refund within a reasonable time (30 days according to my visa carrier), just start a dispute resolution. but the best bet is to never do business with this company.


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