Samsung - Samsung DVD Hacked

Posted on Saturday, January 30th, 2010 at 12:46pm CST by 795c19a1

Product: BDP2550

Company: Samsung

Location: CPO Box 170, Samsung Electronics Bldg., 1320-10 Seocho-2-dong,
SEOUL, KO, 137-857, KR


Category: Products, Services

I own a Samsung BD-2550 and I just got a message saying:"your BD player's Netflix keys have been hacked.You can not watch a Netflix movie through your BD player.Your player's ESN is ___32 digit alpha-numeric code_____. Samsung has temporary fix for this problem, but short of software patch, which they have indicated, since April of 2009, they will provide, the problem will continue to reoccur. Netflix has also advised me that there is no permanent fix and that the problem will reoccur on a somewhat frequent basis. There was nothing they could do to remedy the problem. In light of this information, I called Best Buy, where I purchased the DVD player in April 2009. This particular model was made specifically for Best Buy. Best Buy told me that all they could do was send the unit back to Samsung to be fixed/request a return authorization. I advised them that the unit could not be fixed short a software update which is not likely to be provided by Samsung in the foreseeable future. Thus, I asked that they seek a return authorization short of me having to disconnect the unit, which still plays DVD's and send it off. I told them that if they were given a return authorization I would at that time return the unit. Best Buy advised me they could not do that. Thus, I again contacted Samsung in hopes of getting a return authorization. I was told to call their Executive Customer Relationship Department during the week. I will see what happens next, but in light of Samsung?'s present response to this problem, I am not optimistic.

In the meantime I suggest that when companies enter into a contract with other companies in order to enhance their products, each company to that agreement has an obligation to make sure that they are provided a quality product and are in turn providing a quality product that is well supported by each company involved in the manufacturing, marketing and retailing of that final product. When any one company fails to perform as one should reasonably expect, it is incumbent upon the other companies involved to pick up the slack. Failure to do so makes them equally deficient and liable to the consumer. Thus, based on my experience with Samsung, Best Buy and Netflix in regards to this problem, it is my conclusion they are all at least in part responsible for the problem and the failure to provide a timely, reasonable, and permanent fix. Thus, I suggest all of those companies should be boycotted in light of their failure to respond to their customers'monkey needs.


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