HP - HP LAPTOPS - Look Nice But...

Posted on Saturday, January 30th, 2010 at 7:53pm CST by f3ec0c6f

Product: HP G60-120 US Laptop Computer

Company: HP

Location: US

Category: Other

I purchased a HP G60-120 US Laptop. Love it! Then it stopped charging and a shop tech thought it was the plug in power supply. So, I contacted HP as it was only a few months old...

I was told I was covered and a new one (power supply) would be shipped immediately.

It never came. I called again, was told they'd look into it. Still never came.

Co, in the mean time, I had to play with where the power supply plugged into the computer to get it charge. Over the course of time, doing that damaged the computer's female plug and the charging problem got worse.

Because the charging kept cutting in and out, it damaged the battery too.

I called HP again, now a year to the date I bough it, and I was told, Sorry, your Warantee expired yesterday.

I explained I had open tickets and I'd been trying to get this fixed for several months. I was told, tickets are closed and your warrantee is over and it out of their hands. I can pay to have it fixed if I'd like.

So, their computers not only fall apart, but they don't back up their service and never honor their warantee! They put it of and delay it until the warantee expires and then want you to pay full price.

I have purchased HP computers (Laptops and Desktops) and Printers for years, but not anymore unless this gets resolved in full.


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