Bank of America - Bank of America credit card scam

Posted on Saturday, January 30th, 2010 at 12:21pm CST by 1ef6273e

Product: credit card

Company: Bank of America

Location: PO Box 15026
Wilmington, de, 19850, US


Category: Other

I scheduled on online payment to BoA of $4300. On the scheduled day, BoA made TWO withdrawals from my external checking account of $4300 each.

I was out of the country and did not discover the effect on my checking account until a week later. When I called BoA, they said they'd correct their --admitted-- error, but it would take 8-10 business days to get my checking account credited. Their claim is that it takes that long to "go through the clearing house."

If I call to make a payment to BoA from my external checking account, they could get it in one day. Why should it take two weeks to process a refund through the same clearing house? I call this a scam or an intentional deal with the clearing house to hold on to my money.


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