Your Store Online - Your Store Online seems like a scam.

Posted on Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 at 1:10pm CST by 72d52f59

Company: Your Store Online

Location: 1005 Perkins Ave
Waukesha, WI, 53186, US


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Is this a scam??? Did they just take my money and never intend on sending the items? I ordered these things in plenty of time for Christmas. (November 15) Apparently the items were on backorder- I was NEVER notified that they were back ordered. (does this website not track what is in stock or not at the time an order is made??? They didn't even email me to tell me that their items were not available after I ordered them. I sent an email to complain and they guaranteed that they would be delivered by Christmas. No delivery. I sent another email and I then received a message "is currently in transit to you. Please expect delivery of your order within the next few days" No package- Then again on December 24th-the same message. But of course they have ALREADY charged my account the $200!!!! I will NEVER use them again...In my opinion, they are unprofessional and inefficient as a company!!!!!! (Today is January 3rd and I STILL have not received a package.)


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a523ed77, 2011-09-15, 08:28AM CDT

"Beware of this company!

Almost 2 weeks ago, I ordered a Grabber, the tool that helps you pick up things from the floor without bending. I had to call the following day to get an order # and confirmation that didn't arrive by email. Then 6 days ago, I get a "Your order is being shipped" email. I called customer service this morning to get a tracking # and they claim they have to have the warehouse email it to me because they're using an "in-house" system. Since when does customer service from any company you order something from not have immediate access to a tracking # for a package that was "supposedly" shipped to you? Then I was told it really shipped out 2 days ago by UPS Ground, not the 6 they claimed in the email. That means if I was told the truth, I won't see the package until sometime next week as it's going from CA to NY. Total time from order to delivery, at least THREE WEEKS!

See what I'm getting at about this company, folks?

Now, I'm waiting with baited breath for the tracking # to show up in my email later today as promised, and for what condition the merchandise will be in when it finally does show up.

Next day:

It wasn't until about 5:00 AM this morning, about 20 HOURS after I was promised to be emailed a tracking # that it finally did show up. Based upon the UPS tracking info, it wasn't really shipped until 10:43 PM last night! Now I wonder whether it would have shipped at all had I not called.

This company has customer service reps that LIE to you. They charge your credit card right away and sit on the order until you call and complain. Meanwhile, they get to use YOUR MONEY for free in the interim.

abb5add0, 2011-09-16, 12:57PM CDT

I have had the exact same experience. When you call to check on the order they immediately give a response like "it was shipped yesterday", "you should receive tomorrow", on and on and on and still haven't received product. It's been a month now. I think I'll just call my credit card company and have charge reversed.

Cheryl B., 2012-12-24, 07:59PM CST

Same problem here, 12/24/12 and no gift I ordered 11/26/12. They took the money right away. I have been calling every week and the lied and lied. No money return and no gift to give on christmas. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Do not order from Your Store On Line, they are a ripoff.

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