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Posted on Friday, January 29th, 2010 at 4:01pm CST by 45bd1815

Company: Life Enriching Communities dba Twin Towers

Location: 5343 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH, 45239, US


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Twin Towers, a subsidiary of Life Enriching Communities, and considers themselves as a "christian based organization" posts on its' website the following:

"Welcome to Life Enriching Communities (LEC), an integrated family of lifestyle communities, committed to whole-person well-being for everyone we serve."

Twin Towers apparently does not believe this commitment applies to their employees.

Mark Belfeld, who oversees the dietary department, is nothing short of an abusive, discriminating, sexually offensive, badgering bully. He actually abused one particular employee to the point where she suffered ulcers and a heart attack and was diagnosed as having "Battered Woman Syndrome". And what's worse - after Twin Towers was made aware of these facts they -Twin Towers- conducted an "independent investigation" and found all this true, not only continued his employment but encouraged the victim of his abuse -through various means to be expressed later- to leave their position.

Christian based organization? Someone PLEASE show me some scripture that relates to this in a positive way. What a cover-up strategy.

I also have evidence this goes all the way to the top. This information was forwarded to Scott McQuin, CEO, and as far as I have been able to ascertain, was ignored by him also. Hmmm, one man ignoring another mans actions against a defenseless woman. In this day and age, this type of behavior cannot be tolerated. Do you really want to live in a community run by those that, in my opinion, apparently allows and condones the actions perpetrated by Mark Belfeld and everyone up the ladder from Belfeld to McQuin?

From information gathered thus far, McQuin, LEC, and Twin Towers were given the opportunity to "make this right" and have failed miserably.

I'm still gathering information and I may consider writing a book or play about this. I think it would be a great way to get the word out about this 1809 behavior still occurring in 2009 and the state of "Christianity" as believed and practiced by this organization.

How about "HOW TO ABUSE A WOMAN AND GET AWAY WITH IT" or "Christianity - What?


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8418bf13, 2010-05-02, 02:50PM CDT

Twin Towers, or someone at Life Enriching Communities, apparently has removed the "Christian Based" claim since this posting. I wonder why? They still boast "Life Enriching Communities is affiliated with the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church" though. How proud the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church must be to be affiliated with such an organization that is so callused as to cause such pain and suffering and destroy an individual in this manner. LET US PRAY!

3203858c, 2010-05-24, 04:42PM CDT

Are you serious? This organization is affiliated with the "West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church", or, so they claim. There are too often news reports of abuse of young boys by certain members of the Catholic Church, but now, according to this, an affiliation of this Methodist church group is involved in abuse of at least one woman. Who knows? Maybe there are more too afraid to tell. If this happened to one individual and they (Life Enriching Communities) got away with it, there must be more who are too afraid to speak out. Mark Belfeld, Scott McQuin, and all those in between, should not only be ashamed, but should publicly admit their lack of leadership ability and resign. Are their positions, salaries, or families, any more important than this one they destroyed? Apparently they think so. "Battered Woman Syndrome"! MY GOD! What is wrong with you people? Do any of you have the courage to even look up the meaning, the causes, the effects it can have on people, which, in this case sounds to be very detrimental to someones' health. To mentally strip away ones identity, career, and income, is horrible to have done to you, but Mark Belfeld, Scott McQuin, and their cohorts seem to have enjoyed being the perpetrators of such a heinous action. This behavior should be criminal. Let us pray a good lawyer reads this and is willing to do what is necessary to teach these animals a lesson. Write your Government officials and maybe laws can be implemented to prevent them from doing this to anyone else.

4ab3f949, 2010-06-01, 12:55PM CDT

I did a little research and found this info: Renee Sharp is or was the administrator at this site but was apparently on leave during most of this. Scott McQuin, Mark Belfeld, Jim DeWolfe, Dale Leighton, and Patrick McColom, constitute the all male hierarchy of Twin Towers Retirement Community. This means they are all guilty of this abuse. Scott McQuin should resign in disgrace and Mark Belfeld, Jim DeWolfe, Dale Leighton, and Patrick McColom, should be fired. None of these men protected this woman from this abuse. None of them stepped up and did what a real man should have done. Even if they had no direct hand in the abuse, they did, if anything, very little after the fact. One bully trying to force a battered woman to return to work with the battering bully is not a way to handle this situation. Is it arrogance? Is it ignorance? I think it's just plain stupidity! It's obviously a "boys club" at Life Enriching Communities.

Twin Towers Retirement Community once posted on its' website they were a "Christian based organization". Since this and other postings have appeared, this claim has disappeared. I wonder why? Isn't this anti-christian?


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