Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at 5:22pm CST by 8d286f21

Product: ATT Uverse

Company: Uverse

Location: atlanta, ga, US

URL: http://www.uverse.att.com/

Category: Other

We have been trying to get UVERSE installed since 1/6/10. On 1/6 the inside installer was to show between 9-11AM and did not show until 5:35PM and was unsuccessful in getting it to work. He called in a ticket and said that UVERSE would be out on 1/7/10 to fix the connection. Never Happen, No Call, Nothing! I called NO SERVICE at 5:11PM and after being on the phone for 30 minutes, they said a new appointment is set for 1/26/10. I said it was unaccepable and he (Rick) told me that is the way it is! I asked to have my DSL with ATT back and after being on hold so long, my cordless phone went DEAD and they did NOT call me back when they had my cell phone!! On 1/8/10 a technician showed up at our door and realized that he had to go to the box down the street to switch it back to DSL and then I finally had internet back on 1/8/10. Jan 27, Cory, an outside technician from UVERSE comes and says he has the UVERSE lines tested and working and switched off the DSL to UVERSE thus no internet connection. Corey stated that UVERSE internal technician would be out that same day to set the UVERSE up. UVERSE never called us. We called UVERSE at 7:11PM and spoke to Dan in Arizona who promised that the installer would be at out home on 1/27/10 between 9-11AM. NO SHOW again, NO CALL from UVERSE again! We called UVERSE customer service (HA) at 11:10AM and spoke to Brian and said there was a facility issue (that was the issue on 1/7/10) and that he would get a supervisor to call us back ASAP. NO CALL BACK again! Jan 28/10 we spoke to Crystal at 3:45PM and the install date changed to a ridiculous 2/8/10 and that a supervisor would call us. NO CALL AGAIN! We need our old DSL ATT back since no UVERSE. No one is helping or understands the issue. Order number 104926665. Mrs Melvin J Evans


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