Instyler Buys - Refund Not Issued

Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at 7:33pm CST by 4e42fb94

Product: Instyler

Company: Instyler Buys

Location: Instlyer Buys 50 Serena Vista San Antonio, TX 78251
San Antonio, TX, 78251, US


Category: Other

The company issued a replacement product instead of the promised refund, requests return of the second item on my dollar and has not issued the first refund.

I received the InStyler for Christmas from my parents. They have advised me that they purchased it from I told the company that I would like to return it and have their account credited back as the item came all beat up and possibly missing parts--there was a smaller empty plastic bag in the box so I believed it was missing accessories, on top of that it didn't work on my hair properly.

I requested they advise the best way to handle the return so that my parents' paypal account could get credited. (I live away from my parents, so the preferred method was that I could ship it to them direct instead of via my parents)

I emailed twice over 3 days before receiving a response. They said there was a 15% restocking fee for non-defective products. Fine, I could accept they didn't believe it was defective--a lot of hair products are like that. But they didn't address the issue of the odd empty bag. But I went ahead and confirmed I would return it and I paid for return shipping + delivery confirmation.

I received delivery confirmation that they received the return and despite including the same information about who to credit, they sent me a replacement anyway, completely ignoring the request in the returned package.

When I emailed complaining about the replacement they sent me the following email: "You are contacting the BBB because we sent you a replacement? If you want a refund you get charged 20% Restocking fee and we cant do that until we get the package back, if you didnt open it just put return to sender , we'll refund the charge as soon as it arrives back."

I had already opened the second package because the package didn't indicate that it was from Instyler Buys on the outside, we didn't know what it was. Additionally, they were upping the restocking fee. I responded with my delivery confirmation details and complained about the restocking fee, and then they said it was only 15% for those who had ordered before Jan. 1.

Since the trail of email already clearly indicated that my parents ordered it well before Christmas, my restocking fee should only be 15% and I said so.

I requested the return be credit to my parents account and if they wished the return of the second product, they needed to pay for that as well which could also be credit to their account (after all, if they couldn't get a basic refund right, I certainly wasn't going to give them a second paypal account to credit, so I just used my parents again).

I notified them of my intent to complain to the BBB if my parents did not receive credit within 24 hours. I did not receive a response from them and of course, nothing in paypal.


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