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Product: Maytag Warranty Service

Company: A&E Factory Service

Location: 1300 Louis Henna Blvd.
Round Rock, TX, 78664, US

URL: http://aefactoryservice.com/

Category: Other

The newly renovated home I purchased in September, 2009 came equipped with a brand-new Maytag side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator with water & ice dispenser. Several weeks ago, I contacted Maytag to report that the water line to the ice maker was leaking, spreading ice throughout my freezer. Even with the leak, however, the icemaker was working well, producing and dispensing a great deal of ice. The polite customer service rep scheduled me for an appointment with A&E factory service, with an 8-hour service window on a weekday.

I agreed to the appointment and took time off to meet the technician on the date of the appointment.

The technician performed the repair and explained that the icemaker was out of alignment, causing the leak. By the next morning, no ice had been made, nor has there for almost three weeks.

Since then,

I attempted to call the technician back on the cell phone numerous times and he has not called me back.

I spoke daily with A&E customer service to have the technician call me and fix the icemaker.

I booked another appointment with the technician agreed to come by my home to check on the problem at my home at 5PM. At 3:53 PM, the technician called me to tell me he was done for the day. I told him that I as in my office and that we had agreed, that day, to meet merely one hour from then. He said well, Im done so Ill just order another icemaker and bring it over next Saturday (a week and a half following that date).

I called Christina at A&E escalations and complained about the unprofessional nature of the technician, and said that the icemaker had been working before the initial service appointment.

A week and a half later, after daily calls with A&E customer service and taking yet another day from work, the original technician (against my request) was sent to my home and changed out the icemakerwhich has still not produced any ice.

They then called to say I was scheduled between 8 and 5 (9 HOURS!!!) the next day for service and despite my numerous requests to respect my busy work schedule (how else does one afford to buy new appliances?), a technician who DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH called me at 10 AM on a Wednesday to tell me he would be at my home in a few minutes. I was in a meeting and could not run home to accommodate this man, so I had to call back the escalations department in Texas to reschedule for Friday. At the time of my writing this, this simple repair has still not been fixed.

I cannot begin express my displeasure with A&E factory service, who took a relatively routine repair and caused a complete malfunction of an almost brand-new icemaker. Furthermore, I am extremely disappointed with the professionalism and lack of communication displayed by the local unit here in the Philadelphia area in showing less respect then the cable company in scheduling appointments.

I suggest everyone refuse to be serviced by A&E when calling Maytag/Whirlpool, so that maybe they can stop contracting with these total wastes of space.


Maytag corporate and I had a long conversation and extended my warranty as well as sending a locally owned company to make the repair this week. They told me that the A&E contract was expiring soon and they may be "nailing their own coffin" (a direct quote).

Coincidentally, Renee Kehoe from A&E contacted me through my post on the Complaints Board website soon after my post and said she'd have someone from the local unit call me (something I had requested through their escalation department over 5 times with no response). Then, someone from A&E (only identifying herself as being from A&E, not giving her name, called from 484-213-3032), proceeded to got my name wrong twice, and proceeded to get in an argument with me as she took exception with my apparently calling her non-English speaking technician "stupid" while on the phone with their escalations department in Texas. She then told me it was good that Maytag assigned another company to perform the job (why would anyone in this economy want to work?) because she didn't want to call me anyway and hung up on me.

In a time where people are out there looking for work and looking to do a quality job, it's a shame that companies like this can get major contracts.

Stay away - They are absolutely terrible.


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