Batteries Plus - Batteries Plus Rips off customers

Posted on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 at 6:19pm CST by 80ca52be

Product: Rayovac com100005

Company: Batteries Plus

Location: 10461 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond, VA, 23235, US

Category: Other

My experience with batteries Plus started when I called the store to see if they had a replacement battery for me Dell D820 Laptop. I was told yes that they had a replacement battery made by Rayovac COM10005 for $115.99. We drive 30 minutes across town to purchase (2) Rayovac COM10005, for my Dell D820. Once we get to the store the young lady that I spoke to on the phone were busy, so the manager Ken waited on me. Ken the store manager charged me $125.00ea., and then I said no I was quoted $115 over the phone. He went on to tell me that I was quoted the wrong price, until I told him by law he had to sell it to me for the price quoted. At this point I should have known that, there were problems to come. For 2 weeks with this new battery, now my laptop is turning off with no warning. I took it back to the store that was closer to me, only 15 minutes away. I walked in and the manager Ken that over charged me is now at this store. I told it that there is a problem with the battery and wanted a refund; he refused to give me a refund. I asked for an exchanged and he refused an exchange as well. He stated that if there is a problem with the battery, which he needed to send it back to Rayovac to have it tested. I asked at this time what do you expect for me to us meanwhile, he said oh well. So I asked for the 800-number and he said why do I need that? I called the 800-number and they called Ken the store manager and told him to replace the battery. She told me if the laptop still shuts down it could be my laptop. Since I use this for business, I had to call dell to get them to replace the motherboard and AC Adapter. After doing all of this I am back to the same problem, which a battery that doesn??t do a full charge and shutdown whenever it feels like it. Doing this time pulling the battery out to reset the laptop the battery fell and has a very small crack but still works. Batteries Plus in Richmond, VA refuses to take it back, for a refund. I have called the 800-number for batteries Plus and they care less and tell me that the store is following company policy. We I am looking to sue batteries plus for selling batteries that have known problems that do not work with Dell Latitude laptops.


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