Acer - Bad Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 at 12:34pm CST by 132503dc

Product: Acer Computer

Company: Acer

Location: US


Category: Other

My family and I have purchased a total of 4 ACER compters over the last 3 years..... My last purchase was for my nephew's graduation present in June. He uses this computer primarily for college. After one of his classes his power chord came up missing from his book bag. He (at the time wasn't sure if it was stolen or he had left it at home) I called ACER customer service today explaining the situation to them and was told that I would have to pay $24.99 for a new power chord (Ebay has them for 8.00) The gentleman I spoke to had VERY broken english, so I asked to speak to his supervisor (who also had very broken english) I"m still not sure that they actually understood that they were about to lose a TON of business from my family over a 25.00 power chord and VERY POOR customer service. I can understand a business wanting and needing to make money....... However..... When you have a customer that has purchases as many ACER's as we have in 3 years.... (and) have were planning on purchasing 2 more this summer for my daughter and (another nephews graduation present) I would *think* that $25.00 would be NOTHING to them...... I guess I'll be looking for a NEW brand of computer and will NEVER purchase another ACER again.....


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