ATL ASAP Entertainment - ATL ASAP Entertainment Beware

Posted on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 at 11:22am CST by f47e7296

Product: Artist management

Company: ATL ASAP Entertainment

Location: ATLANTA, GA, US

Category: Entertainment

This guy had an "Artist Competition" that I contacted him about for my daughter. He was amazed with my daughters singing abilities and offered me for him to be her manager and stressed how many shows he could get her in and how much money she would make. He met with my husband and I and we agreed on an 8 wk contract. The contract made mention that he would make 15% of her earning. This is the only mention of money there was. After we signed the contract he then emailed us a table of all these different charges equaling up to over $1500.00. I told him that I would not give him that kind of money not having any experience with him yet. He stressed it was not about the money and that he would cover her until she started making money, but said that even if it was 10.00 we could put in, it would help. Despite my feelings, my husband convinced me that 200.00 would be a good start. I gave ASAP, AKA Gary Jones $200.00 that he said he was going to have business cards made with. ASAP aka Gary Jones was very reluctant to work with my husband, but called me several times a day. I was not sure why until the last day that I talked to him, he made several uncomfortable comments to me such as asking me what I was wearing and saying that he needed to see me at least 4 times a wk for lunch. He also made mention that my husband needed to be careful because someone would steal me from him. I told my husband immediately and he called Mr. Gary Jones to confront him. He told my husband that I was making passes at him. Long story short, we told him we would not be working with him and we just wanted our money back. He said that he was keeping it for his hard work. We had only been in the contract 9 days. He produced nothing. Then to make it worse he said that we would be obligated to work the rest of the contract out and make our daughter perform for him, or he would sue us for the monies that he would have earned from her. The clubs that his shows ended up being at were Thug holes that a 13 yr old did not need to be at. At this time we are just going to wait for him to sue us and then we will get our attorneys because I refuse to have my daughter work with such an unorganized and unprofessional person. Oh yeah and the show she signed up for was canceled. Imagine that. After he collected all the ticket money. Beware.


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