High Tech Auto Body - Terrible work by High Tech Auto Body

Posted on Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 at 8:00pm CST by 515fe377

Company: High Tech Auto Body

Location: 107 Old South Dupont Rd Wilmington DE 19805
Wilmington, DE, 19805, US

Category: Other

I bought my car (Toyota Camry) on Aug 31 2009 and everything was fine. And my car was damaged in an accident on Sep 30 2009. The insurance company, Westfield Company, is responsible for 85% of the damage. The total estimation of total repair is $4,773.46. I took the car the High tech Auto Body in Wilmington DE for repairing on Oct 26 2009. Phil, who is the owner, said that they would take a look at the car and fix it. I told Phil that I'm only a student and I can only afford 15% of the $4,773.46. Phil said that it's ok. After few days, I called them and wanted to check on how's going with the car and they told me that they thought it would cost more than $4,773.46 to repair and they said they will deal with the re-estimation and they only need what the insurance paid for the 85% of the extra, no more cost for me. So I believed and trusted them. Neither of the insurance company nor High Tech Auto Body told me the re-estimation amount. I had to call the Penn Del Adjustment Service for the re-estimation, which was $5,113.22. The estimation report said it would take 10 days to repair. But High Tech Auto Body gave it back to me on Nov 12 after several calls. I gave him a check of $4,773.46, which he claimed it is all he needed. I didnt check the car and Phil just give me the first page of the original report of estimation. It is the first time I went to the auto body shop, so I didnt know better, so I drove away. In late Nov, I need to do the oil change for my car, so I went to the Pepboys. However, the Pepboys refused to give me oil change because when they opened the hood, they found that the oil dip stick is broken. And they also told me that the cap on water bottle is also missing and the drivebelt was too poor. I was very angry that High Tech Auto Body didnt do their job, so I went there. Adam, one of the workers in High Tech, checked my car and first said that he is not responsible for any of it. I told him that anything happened to my car. Then he would order the oil dip stick and the cap and would call if the parts were ready. I received amount of $288.80 for the supplement (85% of the additional estimation). Afterwards, they called and asked for the money. Im willing to give the money to them if they did what they should have done, but not the crappy work on my car. I told them I will give them the money if they are willing to repair the parts they should have long ago. I never heard from them and no words on the parts. In early Jan 2010, the check light was on in my car, so I took it to the Toyota Dealer in Newark. They replaced the oil dip stick and the drivebelt for me. The worker told me that the drivebelt wouldve break at any time. The total for replace only the oil dip stick and drivebelt cost me $175.01.Moreover, they gave me the worksheet on the windshield wash bottle is leaking badly, which I believe is due to the accident, but again, High Tech didnt fix it for me. On Jan 26 2010, High Tech called again for additional $288.80. I will write a check to them, but now Im filing the complaint on their negligence on my car. The misconduct of negligence includes that they didnt do the whole repair on my car and they also put me in driving a car, which can be in danger at any moment.


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