Sovereign Bank - First OVERDRAFT in seven years

Posted on Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 at 2:06pm CST by 3812781d

Product: Insufficient funds

Company: Sovereign Bank

Location: 120 Summer Street
Boston, MA, 02110, US

Category: Other

I have been with SB for many years and have never had a problem with them. However, in these difficult times they charged me for insufficient funds in my checking when I had more than enough to cover it in my Savings. I was flabbergasted. I went in to try and rectify the situation and they let me know that I am allowed one per year. The fact that The check I wrote to my sister (who is also a SB member, thanks to me)exceeded what was in my checking account they would not take it from my savings and also they would not make a courtesy call to you. So they tried to take that money from my account a second time and charged me again for the insuffincient funds, instead of taking it out of my savings account. They were quick to let me know that it was now two overdrafts in one year and I am only allowed one per year. You would think that when I became a customer they would have suggested that? But why should they, its an easy way to make money. I would never understand why they did not take it from my savings or consider that I have been with them for soooooo many years and have never had an overdraft. I have great animosity towards them now. I will go back and withdraw my funds. They are some sneaky bastards. They dont care how hard you work for your money, in seconds they would milk you without any notification. These banks did not deserve to be bailed out at all, they dont care that my record speaks for itself. Although this money does not seem like much to them it is a lot to me especially when you have a family to feed and have to put up with so much to get a paycheck. They have Customer Service Reps well traied to say "the system will not allow me" "bullshit." I am just disappointed. I used the service of Rockland Savings bank in Rockland, MA in the past and I know from experience that it is a good bank with caring people from top to bottom, and I am talking from experience - I should have listened to folks that warned me about SB, but I tried them for the convenience to my job. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU!!! I will go back to Rockland Savings.


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