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Posted on Monday, January 25th, 2010 at 8:34pm CST by 535656aa

Product: Verizon Cell Phone Service

Company: Verizon Wireless Customer Service

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At the end of June, 2009, I removed myself from my husband's Verizon account and transferred my Verizon cell phone and my son's Verizon cell phone to my name. I was not told by anyone at Verizon that I could merge my cell phone number and my son's phone number to one plan and save more than $100 per month until a rep at the Dickson, TN store offered it to me just this month. That is my first complaint. So, all these months, I've paid more than $300 a month - and some months more than $400 per month for TWO lousy cell phones. So, at the same time I switched my and my son's phones into my name, I ordered unlimited texting - in June 2009. I have a small business and my customers text me if I'm on another line when they call my office. So, from June to December 2009, when I got time in December 2009, I called Verizon about my high bill. She said I did not HAVE unlimited texting. I said I ordered it in June 2009. Of course, as true to a Verizon rep, she said she was SORRY. She said she would credit me a lousy 79 dollars. Whoopie!! So, last week, I called the Dickson, TN Verizon store to report that my son had not been able to use his phone for over a month because in December, he opened it and it fell off the hinges. My son is not a child. He's over 18. The guy at the Verizon store gave me the phone number for claims (wrong number) and offered to put me on ONE PLAN to save me over $100 dollars a month. FINALLY, after 6 months of no offer. I didn't know I COULD get on one plan. Nobody at Verizon ever OFFERED me that. So, I called customer service - thinking SURELY they would credit me the month's bill for my son not being able to use his phone. No WAY. They offered me a lousy $32 dollars for their screw ups and told me that one of us HAD to have dropped or thrown his cell phone to make it come off the hinges and they would not give me any kind of a credit for the month he could not use the phone. The only reason it took me a month to turn in the claim is, I got tired of being on HOLD for 10 minutes every time I called. Listen to the AT&T commercials people. As soon as I can get away from Verizon, I'm out of here.


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