Burger King - Burger King Goes Ghetto

Posted on Monday, January 25th, 2010 at 9:23am CST by 116fc9b3

Company: Burger King

Location: 21000 Allapattah Drive
Miami, Fl, 33189, US

Category: Other

Around 7pm on January 24, 2010, my 8-yr old daughter and I visited the Burger King directly across from the Southland Mall, on 112th avenue and 211th street for a quick meal before heading to catch the next bus. We visit this BK quite often and have never had any complaints with the food or services provided...until last night. Upon entering the restaurant, it was quite noticable that there was no manager on duty. The employees, who ranged in age from teens to middle-aged, were laughing and playing around, joking with each other behind the grill and the counter. There were about 4 customers ahead of me still waiting on their food, and I observed the drive-thru was quite busy as well. I placed my order and moved down to wait. As we were waiting, the laughter escalated and I saw how distracted the employees were. We waited around 4-5 mimutes before our food was given to us. But before we received our tray, I overheard an employee mention to my cashier at the drink station that they had no milkshakes available. The cashier asked his co-worker "Bro, why didn't you tell me that earlier?". They began to giggle and debate over who was going to tell me, since I was the one who'd ordered a milkshake for my daughter. I loudly told them both to just speak to me directly and tell me what's going on so I can adjust my order, I had a bus to catch. I also told them that it was just wasting more time debating over it while they were already playing around enough as it is. The cashier then started to curse and say he didn't "give a damn about a milkshake...if I wanted to tell you I'd just tell you." The energy and tone of the employees went downhill from there. The female employee and the other male employee who were responsible for preparing the meals and placing them on the counter for customers began to curse and talk loudly to me with statements such as: "..we can laugh if we want to! What you gone do about it?! Shit...you can't tell us what to do!". I responded that I was going to contact their manager and corporate about their lack of professionalism and horrific treatment of customers, and their response was a continual barrage of cursing and saying their jobs were not in jeopardy just because of my complaints. When I finally received my tray I checked my daughter's Kid's Meal and noticed they'd completely forgotten her double cheeseburger. I told them that and said having a good time is fine as long as you get the orders correct and stay professional. The same female employee then told me to "Shut the fuck up, bitch. I'm tired of hearing yo mouth. I don't wanna hear you no mo!". That is when I decided to call the police in order to file a report/complaint for their verbal assaults toward me. As a reminder, my 8-yr old daughter had to witness and listen to this constant display of 'ghetto' behavior. When the police arrived he suggested I file a complaint with their corporate headquarters and to get their names. He added that they are obligated to give me their names when asked. After the officer left, I went back to the counter and noticed none of the employees were wearing name tags, so I asked the same gentleman who assisted in preparing the meals for the tray what his name was. He turned his back to me and ignored me. When I asked what his female co-worker's name was, he said he was not going to give it to me. I noticed she'd moved to the drive-thru window to take orders and called over to her. "Excuse me, what is your name", I said. Her nasty reply was a wave of her hand at me, as if to shoo me away, and said, "Fuck you, bitch. I ain't listenin' to you!". I then yelled out, "Is there any employee here that will give me their name? The officer told me you are obligated to give your name when a customer asks". From behind the grill, counter, and drive-thru, each emplyee on duty looked at me then looked away, completely ignoring me. I have never in my life, at any experience at a fast-food establishment, been so disrespected and spoken to foully. It has always been my assumption that BK prides itself on giving the best customer service and brags about its standards in treating their customers with professionalism and dignity. I did not experience any of this. I am contacting the customer care department with this complaint and will follow-up on what, if any, disciplinary action will be taken on these employees. The world will soon know whether Burger King stands behind its promise to its customers.

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dffa0777, 2010-01-26, 11:59AM CST

OMG, how horrible, i have been waiting for a reply for some time now, no response, even mailed a letter to the corporate office and the offending BK! GOOD LUCK

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