Louis Vuitton Westfield Century City - Louis Vuitton sold a display model bag with wear as new then refused to take it back, blaming the customer for the wear

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Product: Dog carrierM42021

Company: Louis Vuitton Westfield Century City

Location: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd
los angeles, ca, 90067, US

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Louis Vuitton store sell display bag with wear as new, then blames wear on cusromer when bag is returned

My wife wanted a Louis Vuitton dog carrier bag for last Christmas. I called the national 800 number to locate one, since the Chicago store(1) did not have one. They were able to find what I was told was the last one in the U.S. at the Los Angeles store. I was connected to that store and ordered the $2100 bag (Code M42021 Description Sac Chien 50, receipt number 079690, Sales associate MelissaK #2047) on 12/20/2009 and had the bag FedEx'ed to me. It was delivered on 12/22/2009. We were planning to use the bag to take our dog with us on vacation to visit my sister in-law in Virginia. She is current 30 weeks pregnant, and is on active duty in the Army, having served in the Iraq war in Iraq.

My wife opened her gift on Christmas day and immediately realized that the bag would be too small for our dog. The bag was replaced into the plush duffel bag that all Louis Vuitton are sold with and we left for the airport. Our dog stayed with my mother in-law and the bag stayed in Chicago. Our trip lasted from 12/25/2009 -1/02/2010. United Airlines can confirm that we did not bring a dog either as a carry-on or with the checked bags, since there is an extra fee for that, which was not used. The airline may be able to confirm that we did have a reservation for a carry-on dog bag which was canceled when we arrive at check-in.

Upon return to Chicago I brought the dog carrier bag to the Michigan Ave. Louis Vuitton store(1) to return the bag. At that point it was noted that there were scuff and wear marks on the bottom of the bag. The rest of the bag was absolutely in new condition. The manager of the store informed me that the bag had to be sent back to the Los Angeles store (2) to receive credit on my Visa card from the return. I agreed, since I had never used the bag and the wear on the bag was obviously from the bag having been displayed in the Los Angeles store.

After the bag arrived at the Los Angeles store I was called by a sales consultant anf told that I would not be able to return the item since it was used. I spoke with "Randy" whom I was told was the store manager and he agreed with me that the inside of the bag never had an aminal in it, that all the inner and outer sides, the top of the carrier and the strap and handles were new, but would not refund my money because it was used. I may receive a store credit but someone else would need to make that decision. I asked how long the bag had been in the store, and was told I could not have that information, and it was irrelevant. I told "Randy" that it was germaine how long the bag had been displayed, since that would explain the degree of wear on the bag from being scuffed on the display carpet. I was still told I could not have that information.

I have made several additional calls to the Los Angeles store over a three week period and I was told the person who will make the decision, Deena Kolodkin is still not back.

It is obvious that the store knows that they sold me a worn display model as a new bag, since the only wear on the bag is on the bottom, which is not typical use or wear for a bag designed to carry a dog. Everyone who has inspected the bag agrees that the only signs of "use" are scuffs and wear on the bottom, again signs of a display now a new bag which is what I bought.

I find it very poor business practices and customer relations to sell a display model bag with wear as new and then blame the customer for "using" the bag so it cannot be returned. I should have been informed at purchase that this was a display bag with wear and told that there may different return policies. I sould have been refunded the full amount of the purchase including the FedEx shipping cost ($35.00) without the additional hassles trying to contact the the store on numerous occasions

Bruce Rosenzweig

[email protected]

175 East Delware Place #8909

Chicago IL 60611

1. Louis Vuitton

919 North Michigan Ave

Chicago IL 60611


2. Louis Vuitton

Westfield Century City

10250 Santa Monica Blvd

Los Angeles CA 90067



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