Great Lakes Warranty - Great Lakes Warranty ( do not buy )

Posted on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 at 8:35pm CST by Anonymous

Product: Car warranty service

Company: Great Lakes Warranty

Location: Great Lakes Warranty Corporation P.O. Box 12630 Pittsburgh, PA 15241
Pittsburgh, PA, 15241, US


Category: Other

Day 75 and I am still waiting payment on an approved $429 repair. Imagine if it was a transmission repair. Great Lakes tell me the claim is in their computer, it is approved but waiting for management to approve and release funds. The original welcome letter when my wife and I bought the warranty said they pay in 2 or 3 days after submission of claim. The service rep took my claim and said it would be 30 days after he submitted it to accounting. He submitted the paperwork one week after receiving it and it has been in accounting for 75 days. Warning! Stay away from this company. If they don??t pay a claim for a few hundred dollars imagine what they will do for a couple of thousands. I paid nearly $3000 for their ??Titanium Advantage?? warranty and finally needed to use it 4 months before my contract expiration. I keep meticulous service records and my car was dealer serviced and maintained. This was not even an engine issue but a lock mechanism in the door which is a covered item and was approved before the service department started work. I can only think this company is about to go under. Check out their Better Business (BBB) rating online and the number of complaints they are receiving. It is very scary! Call them and tell them that you would like to buy a warranty and what is their turn around for paying? They will lie to your face because they want your money. Then do a search on the web and the number of complaints about refusal of payment. It is like a casino. They can only survive of they take more money in then dish out for claims. With the recession and fewer service contracts being sold, Great Lakes balance sheet is hurting and the flow of money has slowed considerably and the only way to keep from going under is to raise cash levels by selling warranties and refusing to pay claims or delaying for months paying claims. Stay Away!


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