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Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2010 at 10:08pm CST by 69674b37

Product: tina jack counselor

Company: center for independent living

Location: winter park, fl, US

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this was not a good counselor at all and made me feel bad...horrible insensitive counselor...didnt even counsel and I was at a vulnerable position...and she did nothing to even comfort, or give any ideas absolutely nothing....she didnt do her job at all I had to offer to give information..and even explained to her how I needed help/advice and she didn't give it at all--she asked questions in a cold manner as if she was a psychiatrist evaluating my mental health rather than a caring counselor talking one on one to help someone out...and I left feeling worse than I felt when I came and also had some bad ideas in my head from the things she mentioned which weren't even true about my situation or how I felt. She was very negative and weird...and made me feel just any aspect...she gave no feedback, nothing positive, no advice, no consolation just cold calculating questions, and strange unfriendly body language...people go to counselors to get help comfort healing advice therapy, not judged and treated like they did something wrong or are being questioned...even made odd untrue comparisons assumptions about how i felt, my situation...everything she said was so untrue and so far from how I felt...I was very sad and upset and left even more upset...I am in several abusive situations and need help and advice from a counselor to tell me about the abusers but instead the counselor isn't your friend and making you feel bad, and condescending attitude, and this is a terrible thing for any female to have to go through... I would recommend staying away from her if you want good counseling service otherwise you may end up leaving feeling really bad and nothing that will help you only make you feel worse....stay away from


This is an update on this counselor. I decided to go back several times to give her a chance....this was my last time as it seems, she is one big mind f*ck to say the least. She literally just messes with your's very strange and destructive. I can't tell if she's doing it purposely or not, as it may just be her way of counseling, but she made bold statements claiming that its VERY VERY DIFFICULT to get your power back from an abuser...huh? and that everything is VERY VERY HARD and also claimed that the person i was talking about will 'NEVER EVER CHANGE"....what on earth? being a counselor she is making these untrue ridiculous stereotypical negative damaging and damning statements.. even when I decided sitting there attemptnig to converse with her was a bad thing for me, and told her I had to go, she began making more negative bold harsh statements that were so unnecessary--she seemed as if she didnt awnt to help but just spew negativity, and mess with your head and say odd things that made no sense...that she wanted to 'screw u up' more....she was horrid and worse...anything I asked for advice for --she didn't give advice but decided to delve deeper into odd issues and questions...that were mind boggling and so confusing that going in there i actually feel like she is screwing wtih my mind which she is, rather than helping or healing, which she isnt doing anything of. It's scary as these counselors...are dealing with damaged people in crisis situations and treat them in this way....and damage them more....I go to the place feeling confident, and leave a shattered mess and wreck...I dont get how these people can get away with doing this....I can't determine if it's done intentionally or not but people's mental health are in their hands of these people and they can either help or wreck it-- in this case, this counselor is damaging from what i've experienced...not helpful and I would advise to stay away from....I also wonder where they receive their training from as they have no clue how to even talk to people or address issues as counselors or people...

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c3331f2c, 2013-06-07, 08:12AM CDT

you are very, very, and very bad counsler, abuse with the clients, you will have lost your jobs, fired your jobs, you will going to jails rest your life!!!! very bad tina jack counsler and crude the deafness peoples and you are going jails!!!!

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