Darcars Chysler and Jeep in Rockville maryland - Chrysler Darcars stole my car and my steering wheel from my car

Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2010 at 12:01pm CST by 756ca67a

Company: Darcars Chysler and Jeep in Rockville maryland

Location: 755 Rockville Pike Rockville, Maryland 20852
Rockville, Ma, 20852, US

URL: http://www.darcars.com/

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I own a 2005 Black on Black Chrysler Crossfire Convertible. It is a collector's item. The steering wheel on the car was made of a beautiful reddish wood (Walnut, I believe), partially wrapped in leather. The steering wheel was one reason I purchased the car. I immediately covered the steering wheel with a steering wheel cover to protect it (go figure). During the Summer of 2009, my vehicle's ignition began to lock up. The car would not start, or steer, due to a failed ignition cylinder. My vehicle was towed to the Rockville, Darcars Chrysler dealership for repair under my warranty, and left in the lot. Despite the ignition and steering lock up I was informed that my car would be brought into the garage overnight. The failed ignition cylinder was confirmed by the dealer and I was told that the car would likely be ready the following day. The next day, I noticed that my car was still parked on the lot in the same place (I drove by the dealer every day as a matter of my work route). At that time, I was told that only some of the parts, necessary to repair the vehicle, had been delivered to the dealer. On Wednesday, June 17, 2009, after the dealership was closed, I noticed that the car was no longer on the lot (around 10:00 p.m.) I assumed the car was in the garage. However, the next day I drove by and noticed the vehicle was back in the exact position on the lot it had occupied before. I asked the service people why would they put my car in the garage and then bring it back out on the lot. I was told that the car was never moved because the steering was out. Nevertheless, my car was not at the dealership that night and no one can tell me where it was. The manager, short of telling me I did not know what I was talking about, was polite and said he was off on the day the car was allegedly not on the lot. I told him I was concerned about Mercedes Benz' parts being stolen off of my car and replaced with cheap parts (The car is a Chrysler/Benz car). Having no expertise I could not confirm anything was stolen or damaged on the vehicle.

The next day, I drove by and saw a mechanic working on my car outside in the pouring rain. The mechanic was lying on his back, working under the dash area. He had my doors and windows open with the steering wheel off and the dash off. It was raining on my interior and on my doors where the speakers were. I asked him why he was working on my car in the rain and that I did not want him to do that. He stopped and said you can't steer the car to get it in the garage. Nevertheless, the car was moved inside that same day.

After receiving my car, I returned a day later, or so, and told the manager that my manual was missing. He replaced it. On January 15, 2010 (six months later), I decided to take my steering wheel cover off. Immediately, I noticed that I had a cheap plastic, or leather, steering wheel. The center of the steering wheel is identical to my original wheel and I had no way of recognizing that it had been replaced, until I removed the cover. The part of the steering wheel the cover exposes is also black. No one has serviced my car since I have had it except for The Rockville Darcars Dealer. Neither has anyone, other than myself, ever possessed my keys or driven my car, except for the dealer. Moreover, there has never been any indication that my car has ever been broken into. As a result, I immediately drove to the dealer to explain this to the manager and he told me that he had been nice to me before (when I complained about my car having been taken from the lot). I asked him if he wanted me to ignore that my steering wheel had been stolen because he was nice to me. He didn't know what to say. He then asked me why they would take off my steering wheel to fix my ignition. I told him when the mechanic was working on my car in the rain, I saw that he had taken off the steering wheel (and the entire dash). Little did the manager know that my speakers were also ruined and that I had ignored the damage because I did not want to be bothered with the dealership. I was going to replace the speakers myself.

There is no question that the car was not on the lot on that particular night. The dealership claims it was never moved, but cannot verify that because it has no security or cameras on its lot. The manager stated he was off. Additionally, there is also no question that the ignition could be pulled and the car could be driven (or towed). With respect to my steering wheel, a street thief would not wait around for the police while replacing a steering wheel he stole. He would take the steering wheel and run. Also, my car sits in a secure garage and no one, other than myself, has, or ever has had, access to it.

Finally, I am asking that the steering wheel be replaced, the speakers be replaced and that the car be checked by Darcars for any other replaced factory parts. It appears to me that, after I told the manager the car had been moved, the mechanic took special care to work on the car in the rain as if it could not be moved (apparently, attempting to secure premise that the car was not movable). Certainly, working on a expensive sports car in the rain is not protocol at Darcars (while the car's interior is flooded with rain). Moreover, the car was moved inside right after I told the mechanic that was unacceptable. The manager said the mechanic is the only one who had access to my car. The mechanic, or someone at the dealer, removed the car from the dealership, stole my steering wheel. And, the mechanic damaged my speakers. The steering wheel, apparently, is rare and the car is a collectors?? item.


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