Lulu Spaniel Rescue Foundation - Samantha Chan fake dog rescue scam artist

Posted on Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 at 6:48pm CST by 45d2989f

Company: Lulu Spaniel Rescue Foundation

Location: 51 Montebello Rd
Suffern, Ne, 10901, US


Category: Other

Samantha Chan still ripping off people with her fake sick dogs that she claims are rescue dogs but she is really selling dogs on petfinder. Another client contacted me after she was almost convinced to adopt a dog from this sick demented woman. As you know, Samantha Chan, aka Jennifer Chan, aka Jennifer Benarash, and a whole bunch of other aliases ripped me off, then tried to sue me for slander for warning people that she is a fake phoney fraud, not a rescue organization as she claims and then after cancelling court six times she told me she would refund my money if I stopped telling people the truth about her. She never gave me my 350.00 dollars, never showed up for court, wasted my time and the legal system and is still trying to sell her sick animals to innocent people. DO NOT ADOPT FROM HER. Try Heaven Can Wait Rescue, a real legitimate rescue that guarantees you that your dog is a real rescue, comes with all it's shots, medical records and rabies tag. Chans dogs come with nothing, and after you pay her, she never ever gives you the medical records, because there are none. Stay away from her, help close her down.


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