mandee - stolen gift card

Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2010 at 10:38am CST by 4c53ee89

Product: gift card

Company: mandee

Location: 2588 south road
poughkeepsie, ne, 12601, US


Category: Other

My name is Kathy Digiamo and I am complaining about mandees services. About 2 weeks after christmas ( not even) my daughters gift card for the amount of 200.00 dollers to mandees was stolen. Now they would not void out the one that was stolen and put it on a different card. They simply said we dont do that anymore and hungup. Now i think that this is completley unfair and rediculous. I have my recpeit with the card number and everything. I would appreciate if someone got back to me as soon as possible. thank you


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