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After paying off a 3 year contract with a home security system known as SAFE TOUCH SECURITY, I tried to end my contract. And by the way, the system hasn't worked in years. I made every payment and on time too. They then told me I had to submit my request in writing to cancell my service. Which I did. Then they told me I had signed a 5 year contract not a 3 year. I argued with them and told them everything I had said 36 months. Safe Touch then told me I had to pay 2 more years or they would turn me over to a collection agent and ruin my credit. I asked them to fax a copy of whatever they had saying I agreed to 5 years. Of course they said they faxed it, but nothing ever came. After more research, I found that Safe Touch has many complaints about their underhanded contracts. They are world famous for screwing their customers. They tell you one thing and then make you pay for another thing. No where does my contract say 5 years. You would have to be an idiot to sign for a 5 year home security contract. I want the government to shut this company down, or at the very least, stop their unfair business practices.


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Anonymous, 2010-05-17, 01:05PM CDT

yes they are idiots! did the same to me but i went the additional 2 yrs and they said i still have to pay 500.00 they lost their mind and the're ripping people off and no government control. guess lester has them in his pocket! unbelievable! just keep telling everyone

6af9bfae, 2010-07-05, 12:08PM CDT

My name is Karen and I am sure you have read my story as well. If you hire an attorney to fight them. They will back down. I too, would like to file a petition to stop this company from their crooked practices.

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fc9201c3, 2010-07-15, 09:29AM CDT


833cf7d5, 2011-01-15, 10:02AM CST

OMG!!! this is exactly what they are doing to us!!!! This company SUCKS. The system never worked right. They used the old ADT equipment that was already here. Now they say we owe for that. And they also say that is was for software that they installed???? Their software to let you use their system and be a customer and they are going to charge you extra to install it, so you can then be their paying customer.... This is a terrible company that should be fined, forced to send rebates on the $$$ they collected for a product that DIDN'T work for me...EVER!!!! IMHO, they should have their license revoked...

0b325714, 2011-02-18, 10:21AM CST

I am in the EXACT same situation - paid three years, advised them to cancel over the phone and twice in writing and now they are trying to claim I owe them for the final two years. Has anyone reached a resolution?

883a9b64, 2011-07-26, 11:25PM CDT

I've had problems with SafeTouch for over 3 years and now I'm in the same boat as everyone else - they want me to pay for 2 more years + a software fee of $500. They want to collect over $1,000 on a system that I no longer own.

Today I stopped being defensive and I wwent on the OFFENSIVE! Past writers on this page and future readers of this information, GO ON THE OFFENSIVE:

1) Contact The Attorney General of Florida and file your complaint. SafeTouch was being investigated in 2011 but the case was dropped because consumers didn't follow up. The Attorney General will re-open the investigation if we file complaints. Make sure to follow up!!

2) Use the BBB web site to file your complaint. SafeTouch currently has 120 complaints on the BBB yet for some reason they maintain an A+ rating. Why? They pay the BBB a fee that cleans up their records. We need to file MORE complaints with the BBB so that they drop the rating.

3) Keep spreading the word on these complaint and message boards. Word of mouth works in a positive or NEGATIVE manner.

4) See a neighbor with a SafeTouch sign on their lawn? GO TELL THEM YOUR STORY! Tell them about the auto-renewal. Tell them that if their contract ends in 1 year they need to start the process to cancel RIGHT NOW or SafeTouch will rip them off.


c59c9434, 2011-08-22, 06:21PM CDT

OMG. I just went through the same thing. Contract was for 3 and they now say it was for 5. After 3 years, I hand-delivered a letter requesting they cancel. I then went out of town. Got a NASTY phone call from collection agency saying I still owed. Safe Touch said contract was for 5 years. There's more to the story but I couldn't believe my eyes when I read your complaint of the same shady business practice.

c548bab8, 2012-12-21, 02:15PM CST

The safe touch scam continues. I sent a letter and copy of when we went over the cost of the system with the sales rep on legal paper. No where was there an indication of further costs. So, of course, they then put the contract in front of your, knowing you think you have already evaluated the cost, so you do not see the additional service agreement line. You call them and they transfer you to their collection department, and you talk to someone who is pleasant, tell them your concerns and then it is to a rude gentleman that tries to belittle you and accusses you of not upholding your payment responsibilities. This immediatley ticks you off, which is his strategy, so you raise your voice back and nothing positive occurs, because he just says get a lawyer and that he does not have to talk to you. I notice that this is one of the few customer service lines that is NOT recorded, so they cannot see how they treat their "valued customers". I left a message to complain about the gentlemen about 15 minutes ago, due to being on hold for ten, and have yet to get a call back. It is amazing they get away with this.

ron m., 2013-09-09, 09:36PM CDT

Safe Touch is the biggest rip off I have ever dealt with in 26 years of business. They pulled the same routine on me. I thought it was a 36 month contract like it states clearly in the price section. We relocated our business and paid for service we didn't use for 20 months without a word from them. When I Safe Touch the wanted me to extend the contract. I told them we didn't need the service, the new location had no need for security. When I didn't go for the new deal they informed me to look at the fine print, the contract was for another 2 years, just as they have to so many others. You can't even speak to a supervisor, they just keep playing the phone game with the retention department. I will get an attorney and stop this if it cost me 3x the money, they are not getting another dime. they have an arrogant little laugh when they tell you to read section 5 of your agreement. I hope the creeps that own and work there sleep well at night knowing all the people they rip off. I guess some people can't make a living the honest way so they hide behind corporate lawyers that draw up these contracts and catch innocent people off guard. Continue to spread the word. How fitting the funny guy in the commercial says " I HATE SAFE TOUGH". Get in line !

a583767c, 2015-11-30, 09:55PM CST

Florida Statue 501.165

They must provide written notification between 60-30 days prior to renewal or auto renewal is void and unenforceable.

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