SmartLooks Window and Wall Decor - Owner falsely accused me of spying!

Posted on Saturday, January 16th, 2010 at 10:05pm CST by Ms. P.

Product: Window treatments

Company: SmartLooks Window and Wall Decor

Location: 101 S. Greenville Ave.
Richardson, TX, 75081, US


Category: Other

I went to SmartLooks in Richardson Texas to see about getting window treatments for my house I had just purchased. I rather large lady approached me and asked me in a harsh, foreign accent if I needed help. I told her I was just looking right now. I kept looking to try to get an idea of what I wanted and noticed she was standing there, staring at me.

She then came right up to me and stated that if I was from another window treatment company and are here just to spy around, then I need to leave right now!!

I could not believe this as I had just stopped by SmartLooks to shop around. Here was this employee accusing me of spying for a competitor. I told her I was not with another company and that I was interested in getting window treatments. She again told me I need to leave right away.

I have never had a store employee act in this manner to me before. I could not believe this was happening and immediately walked out, got in my car and drove away, vowing to never step foot in SmartLooks again.

When I got home, I got called SmartLooks and a different lady answered. I told her my experience and asked her who that lady was. To my surprise, I found out the lady that harassed me was the owner! She is German and her name is Lucy.

I would not recommend SmartLooks to anyone unless you want to be accused of spying for a competitor by this Gestapo-like German lady. Besides, their prices are very high compared to Home Depot and Lowes for the same products.


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