Garden Ridge - Garden Ridge Exchange/Return Policy

Posted on Saturday, January 16th, 2010 at 1:31pm CST by 8d2ee5de

Product: Barstools

Company: Garden Ridge


Category: Stores, Shopping

I purchased 4 barstools from the Garden Ridge in The Woodlands, TX. The stools were buy 1 get 1 50% off Once I got home I realized that one was shorter than the other (my fault) and tried to exchange it the very next day. The manager (Christina) took my receipt and told that she couldn't take it back because "that stool" was not on my receipt. I explained that the cashier must have rang up one of the shorter stools 4 times, assuming they were all the same size (Note: there was not price different for either the short or taller one). After arguing that it was not my fault and her venting about how incompetent the cashier was, she finally agree to take the stool back. She then asked me to sign the little credit card display, that showed my refund would only be half (remember they were buy 1 get 1 50% off). I explained that I only wanted to exchange it and that I didn't want my money back, because I would then have to pay full price, unless I purchase 2. She told me,"sorry that store policy" and "you would have to return 2 and then purchase 2 more". Seriously! I have to go home and bring another back. I just wanted to exchange the taller one. I told her, "if I have to bring 2 stools just to exchange this one, I would be returning all 4! And that's what I did. Had she thought about it, it would have corrected the inventory from the cashier not scanning the chair. No where on their website do it state an exchange policy, nor does it in the store. Wonder why? They have lost my business for good. Finacially they must be hurting to not even have an exchange policy.

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c88412c0, 2011-07-10, 02:54PM CDT

I just purchased and outdoor table umbrella from the one in The Woodlands and when I got it home it was broken. I took it back to exchange it but could not find my receipt. Well guess what, they won't even exchange it. Won't buy from there again.

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