Oliver's Hair Replacement - Bad service and product!

Posted on Saturday, January 16th, 2010 at 11:09pm CST by Ms. P.

Product: Hair pieces

Company: Oliver's Hair Replacement

Location: 1912 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX, 752056, US

URL: http://www.hairbyoliver.com/

Category: Other

I would definitely not recommend Oliver's Hair Replacement in Dallas Texas. I went there and ordered a hairpiece. I found out that this is a family run business and his son and daughter work there. This is not a good thing. When the unit came in, Oliver had his son cut and style the unit.

I sat there in the stylist chair and had to listen to his son complain the whole time. All he did was vent his frustrations over getting some type of traffic ticket. The more he talked about it, the angrier he became. I finally told him to just stop as he was really getting himself worked up and I realized he was becoming so angry, he was not focusing on my hair unit.

I left and later called Oliver and told him about my experience. Since this was his son I was complaining about, he naturally defended him. Had it been a non-related employee, I think his reaction would have been different. Anyway, I went back in and his daughter finished the job; however, his son had butchered the unit so bad that it could really not be fixed.

To this day, my unit sits unworn in a box on my shelf. I ended up going to another place and bought another unit and it looks a whole lot better than what I ended up with at Oliver's. Even before he let his son butcher my unit, the unit did not look good as the part on the side and the crown did not look natural at all. That was an expensive lesson; to the tune of about $1,000.

There are places one can go in Dallas and get a lot better looking unit for less. Avoid Oliver's Hair Replacement!

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Gary B., 2013-10-24, 02:17PM CDT

I have been doing business with Olivers hair replacements, And Oliver Campbell since 1972. Oliver and his staff have always have always maintained the highest ethical standards. The sales techniques ave always been helpful and sincere. The product is the highest of quality. I find the prices to be very reasonable for this service.


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