Dell - Dells vostro 1520 laptop problems

Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2010 at 6:44am CST by a465e154

Product: Vostro 1520 laptop

Company: Dell

Location: Computer Hardware manufacturing and sale


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I had purchased a Dell Vostro 1520 laptop online on 18th Dec 2009 from Dell and got the delivery on 4th Jan 2010.

While configuring the laptop online, I chose the 9 cell battery to get more backup. A couple of days after placing the order and paying the amount, I got a call from the Dells sales representative informing me that the 9 cell battery are no more available on Vostro 1520 and I can get 6 cell batteries only. He assured me that the 6 cell batteries would give the same backup as that of the 9 cell batteries. Though this is not possible, I thought that Dell might have tweaked something to make the batteries last longer and finally I agreed to get the laptop with 6 cell batteries. After getting the delivery, when I tested for the backup, I realized that the batteries are not tweaked and do not give any additional backup.

I called up the sales executive and asked him to refund me the additional money it would take to upgrade a 6 cell battery to 9 cell battery. But he told me that he can not refund the money.

Besides this, the laptop had a couple of manufacturing defects when it was delivered. Some of the keys on the keyboard were not working. I reported this immediately on the next day and got it fixed on 6th Jan.

All this while, I was using the laptop on the batteries and did not plug in the power. When the batteries level dropped to 12-15%, I plugged in the power cord and come to know that the laptop simply freezes after around 15 mins of plugging in the power. I had to hard-boot it every time. Considering this it was not possible for me to work on this laptop and I filed the complaint with Dell again. (less than 2 days and 2 major complaints.. )

After searching over the internet about the freezing problem, I found out that many people faced this freezing problem with Vostro 1520. Considering so many complaints, there was no point in asking for the system replacement. So I asked for the refund of the money.

Though Dell agreed to refund me the money, they informed me that they will deduct Rs. 1800 as handling and service charges and the overall refund process will take around 25 days to complete.

All this is Dells fault and why I am being asked to pay Rs. 1800? They have already locked up my money for the last one month and would have to wait for one more month. I can not even buy a new laptop and still have to pay for Dells fault.

Companies like Dell are simply looting the customers with these practices and the customers cannot help this.


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