Tracfone - tracfone error

Posted on Thursday, January 14th, 2010 at 6:34am CST by c2e76831

Product: tracfone LG600G

Company: Tracfone

Location: hc1 box 50b, pa, 16353, US


Category: Other

My daughter bought me this phone for my birthday, i activated it and it works great. I tried to purchase minutes online and it said my phone wasnt activated and to turn it off and back on and wait 5 minutes, i did that and it still wouldnt work. i emailed them several times and they said the same thing each time, finally i called them, got a ticket # and was told it would be taken care of in 24-48hrs. It was not taken care of so i called them back and was told they found an error with my phone and to give them an additional 24-48 hrs. i waited and still nothing so i thoght i would just buy an airtime card from walmart and maybe it would work, well it didnt! my phone message said to call customer service if i didnt get my minutes. Well this time they had me on the phone for over an hour on hold, then they said they couldn't fix the error and they would notify corporate and they would call me in 24 hrs, well they didnt call me! so i found this email address online [email protected] and emailed them asking for just a replacement with the same model and i got an email receipt sayiny to give them 24 hrs to address my complaint! Well, I dont have a doubt in my mind that they wont call me. I know they wont. Well, they just called me yesterday and asked for another 24 hrs to try to fix the problem and promised to give me some free units for the hassel and said if that didnt work they would send me a new phone out. its been 24 hrs. now and my phone still doesnt reflect any extra minutes so i guess it didnt work. now i wonder how long its going to take to send me a new phone??????????????????? OK now i'm getting angrier, they wont contact me at all, my phone is still under warranty, why dont they just send me a new phone????


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