Express Scripts - Very Poor Customer Service

Posted on Thursday, January 14th, 2010 at 1:30pm CST by f2d99eb6

Product: Express Script

Company: Express Scripts

Location: PO Box 52070
Phoenix, AZ, 85070, US


Category: Other

Express Scripts

I called the company on their help desk

I never reached anyone I was on the phone for one half hour from 12:40-01:10

For a half hour I had to listen to "someone will be with you shortly".

(I think the real message was go away and dont bother us.)

In between the messages was this horrible recording of decent music that sounded like it was being played on a toy recorder

Their online message said someone will get back to you within five days. There again this is very poor inexcuseable service for me as a consumer

Do they think my time is not valuable to me?

Needless to say Im madder than a wet hen with the poor service from Express Script

I just got off the phone with Broad shire and foundout they use this company to fill their prescriptions


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