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Posted on Thursday, January 14th, 2010 at 9:14pm CST by fa80d55c

Product: refunds

Company: Loehmanns

Location: Chelsea 101 7th Ave (between 16th St & 17th St) New York, NY 10011
Manhattan, Ne, 10011, US

URL: http://www.loehmanns.com/

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On January 09, 2009, I purchased Dolce and Gabbanna sunglasses, I paid 1/2 store credit and ?? with my OWN money. On January 10, 2009, I wanted to exchange the glasses for a blazer jacket. The blazer was paid for by 1/2 credit, 1/2 money from the glasses, plus an additional 24 dollars. When I went to return the blazer later on for a refund, your representative Henry in RETURNS, refused to refund any money. He said it was all store credit. After a debate, he gave me the 24 dollars but said that I paid everything with credit. (The credit was around 54 and I paid 53, the total for glasses was around 107)

I had told your representatives that this is not true and asked them to look at the cameras, which they said showed that I had 2 credits in no money exchanges. This is absolutely impossible. When I asked to see the cameras myself, they refused and another representative confirmed later on that the cameras were never looked at because it would take too long.

I phoned the police, which stopped by on Jan 11/09. They came into leohmanns and discussed the matter with your representatives. They agreed that I should take this matter up with a civil suit because this is not the first time this has happened. They said they could not help me because it was their word against mine and they usually don???t take care of this kind of a situation with department stores. They gave me a name and organization that would help me file my case, and told me to go to civil court to resolve the matter. I currently have a lawyer working on this case, and I am filing a lawsuit against your store with civil court this month.

I then asked to see my credit receipts and they absolutely refused. They said I don???t have to show you anything and told me to leave. One of your representatives called me a ???bitch??? as I was leaving. They were calling me names and being very, unconcerned and uncaring about the situation. They wouldn???t even give me 2 minutes of their time. After a heated debate they showed me briefly two credit receipts which I did not recognize as mine, they were freshly new and printed, while mine credit receipt was old and faded.

One of the Receipts was not mine, they gave me a quick glance, and when I wanted to look up close to compare numbers ,they said ???that???s it I showed you, now get out???. I have shopped at Loehmanns or well over 15 years with my family, and I have never in my life encountered a situation like this, especially the disrespect and the lack of concern was absolutely atrocious and unacceptable, not to mention the name calling.

There was obviously a huge mistake, either Henry typed in credit that wasn???t mine or there was a miscommunication. I am taking this case to civil court, and I have all the evidence I need to sue your store, I also have a lot of supporters from all the letters I have written, and I can possibly even get an investigation going in your store to find out how this all happened, and what your representatives do. I won???t stop until this matter is resolved and justice is done. I would like this matter resolved which is why I am writing this letter.

I have all the receipts and the cameras in the store as my witness...that I did not have two store credits???. (Further more the credit was for almost the same amounts???one for 53 dollars and the other for 54. That is a coincidence; the credit must have been typed in twice. There was an error by HENRY, because when I purchased the sunglasses and paid cash, I looked at that receipt over a hundred times. Then Henry kept trying to make me a better deal on the blazer, and when I left, I noticed it said 2 store credits. You should ask him, he will defiantly remember me. I only HAD ONE STORE CREDIT I HAVE NO IDEA WHY HE PUT IN TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OR WHERE HE EVEN GOT THE SECOND ONE FROM.

I am writing you to request that my money be refunded in full. The 53 dollars I paid with my own money, and I would like it refunded.

I have called the police, am filing a civil suit, writing letters to your representatives and all over the internet as well as to different organizations and explaining my story. What your representative did to me was a crime, and I wouldn???t be doing all this if I wasn???t 100 percent correct. Please look at the cameras if u want, I can come in and show u my receipts and we can further discuss this matter, I would drop all of these charges if I could discuss this matter with a real representative that will listen to my case, because your representatives were rude and uncaring.

Thank you for your time

I hope to hear from you very soon!

Yours truly,

Dissatisfied Customer


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