Across USA Moving and Storage - Across USA Moving and Storage Scam, Theft, and Ripoff - Review

Posted on Thursday, January 14th, 2010 at 2:41pm CST by 72cd430a

Product: Moving

Company: Across USA Moving and Storage

Location: 10480 Shady Trl Ste 100 Dallas, TX 75220-2533
Dallas, TX, 75220, US


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OK, so I got an estimate for a move, be prepared for them to scam you. The price of my move ended up costing $2100, as opposed to the $1290 I was quoted. They basically add on fees everywhere they can. Their own driver told me that they use extra small dimensions when you tell them what furniture you have, so that they can then add fees when they come pick stuff up. So add about $400 there They also charge you extra for each step they need to go up, because apparently when I say 3rd floor, the number of steps per flight needs to be 7. Seven! since when does it only take seven steps to go up an entire floor? so add about 75 per flight there. Whatever, those things don't bother me as much. The main reason I went with them, and rushed my move, was because the person who quoted me, Holly, promised the delivery date I needed, and I have several e-mails confirming this. But obviously, they had to disappoint here too! She told me they could deliver in 5-6 days, so I was happy about that, I could have even flexed to more than that. But it took them almost TWO weeks. I slept on the floor without any of my property because of them. When I called to speak to the manager, he promised a call back and never called. Even worse, when they finally arrived, late of course. They couldn't get three of my most important pieces of furniture in. Wouldn't even attempt it, they said they were professionals and could just 'tell' it wouldnt fit. I asked about lifting it through the window, they said they wouldn't attempt that either. So that all they could do is leave it outside on the curb. I had to get a storage for these items.

Pretty bad right? well to make matters worse, two of my paintings were damages, and so was my bookshelf, my small fire safe was open (I locked it) and two collection knives were stolen.

Stay away from these people, not only do they make things terrible, they won't even address anything.

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ea0c91a4, 2011-06-26, 03:14PM CDT

I never thought I would write a review for a moving company, but Across U.S.A. Moving really outdid themselves. My roommate and I were moving from an elevator building to a 2nd floor walk-up. I called Across U.S.A. Moving when I was price shopping and they immediately came in lower priced then most of the other people I spoke with. They assured me this would be quick and easy. The guys came on time as scheduled and wrapped all of my furniture in moving pads to assure no damage. They quickly moved everything to the new walk up in no time. The price and the service made moving painless. I highly recommend Thank you, John

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