pinewood pointe - pinewood pointe sucks

Posted on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 at 9:21pm CST by 3565e047

Product: apartments

Company: pinewood pointe

Location: 1801 kernan blvd s
jacksonville, fl, 32246, US

Category: Other

this apartment complex has the worst management in history. everyone in the office is rude and unprofessional. the manager treats everyone like they are on a lower level then herself. if i would have know this was the way the complex was run i would have never moved in and cant wait to move out. they get rude right off the bat and dont know how to treat people. there are many other problems that almost make breaking my lease worth it, there are 2ft tall weeds growing in the gutters, my apartment was broken into 3 times and they wont change the locks. after the 3rd time they put finger locks on all downstairs windows. the maintenance men dumped trash behind my apartment and the next day demanded i clean it up. the whole place always looks like crap and is infested with bad people and drugs. the kids here are the most rude little pricks in the world and need a good butt beating from there parents if they have parents that care. NEVER MOVE INTO THIS COMPLEX, EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless you like drugs(and not the soft ones), rude people, rude kids with even worse parents, trashy grounds, bugs, management and employees that i wouldn't want picking up my trash.

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5a44e67c, 2010-07-02, 04:16PM CDT

All you say about this place is very true. I probably will disagree with the opinion you have about one of the maintanence men. But the rest, about the drugs it is true, some peoploe have been arrested in this place, also they drink in the park during the day and get drunk around kids. Management is very rude, unprofessional and it is very true, they like treating you like you are less that what they are. They treat you like the have all the power in the place thinking that you don't have any knowledge about florida Statutes. Also there have been some roberies from breaking and stealing from your car to breaking into apartments or taking things from your back yard. And yeah the grass is not been taking care of, if there is any grass in the graound, they look more like weeds. You wanna move, get ready to feel like crap in this place.

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