Seagull Vacation - Seagull Vacations is a Scam

Posted on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 at 4:34pm CST by 7744bc8c

Company: Seagull Vacation

Location: 4645 North 12th Street Suite 100 and 200
Phoenix, AZ, 85014, US

Category: Other

My girlfriend and I, like so many others, had an extremely miserable time dealing with Seagull Vacations and their "promise" of a cruise vacation. We sent them in the $238 port fees after they told us that we were all set to go. Their "promise" of a cruise was a lie and we were never booked on to anything. When I called them - They never contacted me with any info. until I called them numerous times - they promised to send back our money. Having called and emailed about 50 times nothing happened.

I finally got smart and contacted the Better Business Bureau. Within a week, we received a check in the mail for the port fees plus an additional $238. I suggest you to that by going to

Trust me, calling or emailing Seagull will give you nothing but stress - The BBB will help you.

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48e23c07, 2010-04-12, 11:16PM CDT

BEWARE, Seagull vacations has lost their BBB accreditation as of Feb, 2010. Look it up for yourself.

I went to a timeshare presentation at the welk resort with the promise of a free 3 night hotel stay in vegas. I finally got a response from Seagull months after I sent in the paperwork, saying I had to pay $79 in "taxes" for a vacation that maybe cost $240 tops. This was the second red flag after I was recruited for a presentation with all these promises of free stuff in the first place, which should have been an indicator for me that this was BS. So, since Seagull's web site and cheesy letterhead doesnt have a phone number listed, I tried searching for it and a bunch of posts showed up. So I check with BBB.. Suprise, suprise. 105 complaints against them.

The only thing good that came out of this waste of 4hrs on a sunday was two Knotts Berry Farm tickets and laughing so hard at the South Park time share presentation episode that Sprite came out of my nose.

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