national electronic recovery group DBA FARSbad check recovery - FARS bad check recovery is not as sweet as advertised

Posted on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 at 4:13pm CST by 56e75bb7

Product: bad check recovery

Company: national electronic recovery group DBA FARSbad check recovery

Location: national recovery po box 1156 hendersonville ky 37097
Barbourville, ky, 40906, US


Category: Other

bank customers beware of this new FREE option on your business checking account these people tell you how great the service is and how free it is and how fast is is and the ability to acess the check writer's acount to retrive your funds BUT what they don't mention if how long they use your money and the fees they charge your customer and once you sign up with them you can't collect the check even if it is your mother they they already have the money but you don't they use your money as long as possable. you are being led to believe that this is a new bank service but it is not it is a sub collection company out to make big money while useing yours check your account if you are with these people they have several names acording to which bank it is you can usually collect your check in 2 or three days .when i called these people they answerd me with some customers want us to pay them every thirty days some longer we are sorry but you must have fallen into a different category like i said BE WARE


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