Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 4:02am CST by 8674f354

Product: 2 T-Shirts

Company: Zumiez

Location: Burbank Town Center 201 E. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, Ca, 91502, US

URL: http://zumiez.com/

Category: Other

My 13 year old son (who regularly buys product from the local Burbank Zumiez) purchased two t-shirts for me (dad) as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, he purchased the wrong size (too small). He took them back to the store within a few days past Christmas and was told that he could not exchange them because he no longer had the receipt. He explained that he unfortunately had already thrown it away. The store refused to exchange the two t-shirts and so basically the money that he had saved for my present was lost. He is really devastated that I can't use his present.

I told him that I would call and try to straighten it out. I called and spoke with the manager Carlos and felt for sure that if I explained what had happened that we could just bring the shirts back in and exchange them. They are even still in the Zumiez gift box they came in.

Carlos explained that unless we had a receipt or still had the tag on the items, that the policy is NOT to return or even EXCHANGE items - no exception. He said that he couldn't even put it back in their computer because there was no tag on it. Then he proceeded to tell me that I could have really purchased the items somewhere else and was trying to bring them back to their location to get something else. So, basically, he was calling me a liar.

If that was the case, where would I have gotten their gift box from?

What a load of insulting bull. Instead of trying to keep a return customer happy by simply exchanging the items, he has lost me (and more importantly my son) as a customer. My son typically spends several hundred dollars a year there on his teen clothes.

But - Carlos did his job and didn't budge from the policy - I hope that he looks good in his district managers eyes. But unfortunately, this is a lose-lose situation for everyone concerned.

My son has lost his money and more importantly his feeling of having given me something for Christmas and Zumiez has last a loyal customer which will result in lost revenue.

Here are some actual customer service facts that they should know:

It costs fivetimes more money to gain a new customer than it does to keep an exsisting one. They should also learn that a happy customer tells five people, an unhappy customer tells 50. (And now through the internet, I hope a lot more).

My advice to other shoppers - stay away from a store that doesn't care about ruining a young mans Christmas! It's only about the $$$ for them.

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Anonymous, 2010-05-31, 11:10PM CDT

I just got back from the Zumiez store in Orange, CA. I also concur with the poster that they do indeed have horrible customer service. Coming from a customer who has shopped there for numerous years, I will no longer step foot in any Zumiez store ever again. There are many other stores where I can shop for my skate supplies, I am definitely taking my $$$$ elsewhere.

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