Publix Supermarket

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 12:47pm CST by 9317944a

Company: Publix Supermarket

Location: Shoppes @ Beville Rd
Daytona Beach, FL, US


Category: Other

I have been a customer of the local Publix stores (mainly this one) for numerous years and have written numerous checks and never had a problem until 01/09/2010 when I attempted to write a check in the amount of $51.00 at the customer service desk as I do very often so I dont hold up the lines at the register and was told I was declined due to Certegy which was VERY EMBARASSING. I called Certegy and got nothing but a run around. Why now is my check no longer good enough for your company? I have checked Certegy out and found numerous complaints, class action law suits for theft of information and fraud. As long as Publix is using Certegy and my checks are not good enough for you I will refuse to shop at Publix and will be notifying people by word of mouth and using my online resources to tell everyone not to shop there until you stop letting Certegy make your business decisions for you.

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58546d53, 2010-02-09, 12:39AM CST

You do realize you are not posting a complaint to Publix, right? At any rate, Certegy is used by MOST retail establishments that accept checks. Good luck trying to stay away from them.

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