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Posted on Sunday, January 10th, 2010 at 11:31pm CST by 31c8fd1f

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I tried to order Dell all in one v313 printer online on December 31st. The original price was 99 dollars, there was 30 dollars off due to holiday. I was charged additional for a black cable because it is not wireless when I tried to customerize it, but anyway I got additional 25 dollars off because I didn't want one year warranty. I thought it was a great deal. then I received acknowledge email from dell saying we have received your order and estimated delivery date is january 8th. I didn't received my order, then I called dell on january 9th. They told me I need to have order number in order to look up their system about my order, but I nerve received order number from dell and I only received purchase ID from the acknowlege email, but they told me purchase ID won't work, they asked my name and phone number, but my order record still wasn't showed up. (I think they found my record, but pretend not able to find my record because I somehow got 25 dollars off from elimination of 1 year warranty), anyway the person who answered the phone told me she can't do anything about it if I want the original price, therefore she said she would transfer me to electronic department, after that I was transfered three more times, they kept telling me they can't do anything about it and I talked to wrong department, the last person who answered the phone told me to hold and she hang up after five minutes. I was regret I didn't wirte down their names, then I called again, the first person who answered named Nigel, he told me he would transfer me to electronic department, the person named hussein (at least that is what him told me) told he was not the right person I need to talk to right after I did my explanation, then he said to me he would transfer me to right person, anyways the last person I talked to named Daphne. I gave a five minutes explanation, she told me she was not the right person to talk to. She told me she would transfer me to customer care center. I explained to her that I have spent almost one and half hours to get a printer at a price that I try to get form the first time, but she still told me she was the one I suppose to talk to, then she put me on hold, I decided to wait for my last chance, at last Daphne hanged up after I have spent 20 minutes waiting. I decided to call again to make a complain to someone who is in charge. As soon as I required to speak to a manager, the guy who answer the phone put me on hold first, then hanged up again. The reason I post it is because I want wo find out how many people who have same experience as me in Dell. ANd I want Dell to improve their customer service, not just lower their products' price to attract customers. POst your experience in dell, it doesn't matter if it is good or bad, you do this for all of dell customers


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