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Posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 at 9:02pm CST by 3f89eed7

Company: Call Centers in the Philippines

Location: Philippines

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The following is my actual experience in applying for a job in one of the call centers here in the Philippines. I have had similar experiences also with other companies not necessarily call centers. Here is the account of my horrible experience: I walked into the recruitment room. They told me to sit down and so I did. My name was called and thereafter went inside the interview room. After a while, I was informed that I passed the interview and that I needed to take the exams - written & computer based including a typing exam. I took the exams and I passed. The exam was indeed tough I admit. I could almost get a sigh of relief then until I went through the last part of the process - final interview. I believe I conducted myself well in that final interview YET I FAILED!! What a hell is this final interview all about??? They asked basically the same questions asked in the previous interviews!!! Some questions were even nonsense!! Worse, some questions were even maliciously intended to trim down my chances of getting hired & they were asked in a way that would really knock me off my feet!!

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2bfd7c73, 2010-06-02, 12:03PM CDT

It's a test of HRs to know if you could respond well on an unexpected call because most calls, I believe, is different.Don't get mad because the interview is not based on what you'd expected, that's why it's called an "interview" it's supposed to test you on all skills including communication. You have to expect the unexpected. I know because I myself own a company and I know why they conduct this test.

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