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Posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 at 11:37am CST by 12cfb8f5

Product: coupons / promotions

Company: Atlanta Journal and Constitution

Location: 72 Marietta St. NW
ATLANTA, GA, 30303, US


Category: Business, Finances

The AJC reach is distributed through legal littering!! It is thrown all over our neighborhood on a regular basis. The neighbors picked it up and throw it immediately in the trash. I don't know who is the biggest fool here, the AJC or the businesses that pay to advertise in this worthless piece of trash.


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b5d6920e, 2010-02-22, 09:46AM CST

I could not agree more! I have started a campaign to get all the people in my complex to opt out and have them to stop thowing it all over our complex. If people want to opt out and have them take your address off the list for this litter call 404-526-9473 and tell them to either deliever it to your mail or stop littering your yard or complex all together. You can also email Joanne Jones at [email protected]

28265a88, 2010-02-22, 07:58PM CST

Yes, I am about ready to send them an invoice for trash removal!

a7ef8ac3, 2010-03-15, 11:02AM CDT

Please contact [email protected] to opt out of REACH.

Joanne Jones does not work for the AJC and the email address you are emailing is not in the division that can stop the circular.

199d0e9e, 2010-03-16, 07:54AM CDT

I have called the AJC many times and asked to Opt Out and not have it delivered. They stop delivery for a few months and then start up again.

I am at the point where I am going to go to Magistrate Court and get a court order against them to stop delivery, with the request of massive fines if they do.

I am of the belief that a court order is the only way to PERMANENTLY stop delivery of this trash.

42554266, 2010-03-16, 12:14PM CDT

Glad to see that others on here are also fed up with the AJC Reach littering their neighborhoods. I got the following response when I wrote their customer service department to complain:

Thank you for contacting the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

We can only stop the Reach at your address. In order to stop a entire community we much receive a letter from the Home Owners Association and a list of all addresses that are in your area. We would also need a contact name and number. This information can be emailed to [email protected]

At least there's (hopefully) a way to stop it. I have also considered contacting the businesses that advertise in Reach to tell them that, as long as they advertise there, they will not receive any of my business. Maybe if enough people did that they'd wake up and see how much residents hate those coupons.

dc520862, 2010-05-02, 02:03AM CDT

hey guys,

I feel the same way.

Try calling 1-800-Feedback like this guy did.

Maybe if enough people voice their complaint verbally they will stop doing it.

0774dc36, 2010-07-29, 07:00AM CDT

Notice the cover sheet of the ad has a bulk mailing permit and a return address. My solution is to tape an address label (the return address) in the mailing block, put the entire ad in a ziplock bag and mail it back to them. I do it every week and realize it will not stop them, but it makes me feel better knowing they must pay for delivery back to them. How about if more people do this and the expense to them makes littering too expensive?

1d143975, 2011-07-29, 08:47PM CDT

Here is a 2 yr old blog that deals with this issue, take a look:

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