Queen Yorkie Palace - Queen Yorkies Palace Unhealthy Puppies

Posted on Monday, February 8th, 2010 at 10:34am CST by 6aa06640

Company: Queen Yorkie Palace

Location: 1385 Carr St Lakewood Co, 80215
Denver, CO, US

Category: Other

We got our yorkie from Queen Yorkies Palace in Denver, CO in July of 2008. Now, about a year and half later we discovered that our dog has severe liver problems.

We took our yorkie to the vet to get is teeth cleaned. During the routine blood check (to make sure it was safe to put him under) the vet discovered abnormally high enzyme levels in his blood. Suspecting liver problems the vet sent us to a specialist. After an expensive exam and ultra-sound it was concluded that our yorkie had an unusually small, under-developed liver with smaller-than-normal blood vessels throughout it. In addition, he was diagnosed with a liver shunt.

It will cost upwards of $2500 to repair the shunt. The underdeveloped liver and small blood vessels are genetic defects that cannot be repaired. Due to these problems our dog will now have a shortened life-span as well as future high medical and medicine bills.

I called Queen Yorkies Palace and asked Walt what he was going to do about it. He stated that since it had been over a year since we purchased him that they would do NOTHING. I called back later to demand that I get my money back and if I didn't I would post bad reviews about Queen Yorkies Palace on the Internet. Walt told me to "go ahead and do it".

Walt and Linda led us to believe that they bred their yorkies themselves. After doing further research it now appears that they buy their puppies from puppy mills and then resell them to unsuspecting consumers. They therefore are NOT breeders, but BROKERS of these little dogs.

PLEASE do not buy from this broker. We are obviously very attached to our yorkie now so putting him down is not an option. We will now be stuck with higher medical bills the rest of his shorter life. Please to not fall into the trap of buying a genetically defective dog from Queen Yorkie Palace like we did.


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