Samsung - Samsung is terrible

Posted on Saturday, February 6th, 2010 at 2:13pm CST by b82e1f99

Product: Samsung home theater system

Company: Samsung

Location: US


Category: Other

I advise everyone to NEVER buy their products! i purchased a new TV, home theater and blu ray player from Samsung, totaling $1300.00. i had heard they make good products, I was told wrong. within a week of the purchase, the home theater system died. i contacted samsung, which they said they would repair it, but made me pay for shipping the faulty equipment. after a week delay on UPS's fault(a whole new complaint) they received it, told me it was fixed, and shipped it back. when i reinstalled the receiver, the left rear speaker would not produce sound. after troubleshooting i determined that the input on the receiver was the culprit, not the speaker or wire. this is a new problem that occured as a result of their "repair" later that night, the receiver died again, same as my first issue. i contacted samsung, and told them my problem, to which they said they would repair it again. well, based on the multiple issues, i did not want it repaired, it was obvious that something is wrong with that receiver. they gave me a reference number to talk to a manager, as this person did not have the permission to issue a n exchange, and a promise that i would receive a phone call from them in no more than 5 days. TWO WEEKS went by, and i called back, and same thing, issued a new ticket number, but this time a promise that they would call back in 2 days. FOUR days go by, i call again, and the person i spoke with told me that in order to issue a replacement, that piece of equipment has to be repaired THREE times in a row, before it can be replaced! i had this receiver for about a month and a half, and 90% of the time it spent broken. i went to Walmart where i purchased it, and told them to take it back, as they actually honor their warranty, 90 days. long story short, if you have heard they have great electronics, that may be, but you better hope that it doesn't break down, cause they will hang you out to dry. this was the WORST experience i have ever gone through, and will never purchase another samsung product for the rest of my life. Sony has such better prodcts, and they stand behind them. i have told everyone i know this story, and they will not purchase Samsung either. Learn from my mistakes, you do not want to deal with the nightmare that i dealt with, when there are so many other better companies that will treat you, the customer, how you should be treated, when you spend as much money as i did.


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