Mitsubishi Customer Service

Posted on Saturday, February 6th, 2010 at 12:46pm CST by 5b5da52c

Product: Mitsubishi 52 inch LCD TV

Company: Not Available

Location: US

Category: Other

In November 2008 we purchased a 52" Mitsubishi LCD TV with 16 speaker surround sound. The last week of December 2009 or first week of January 2010 the TV picture suddenly disappeared with vertical lines moving across the screen changing color patterns periodically and there was no sound. At first we thought it was our cable provider, but after testing that theory we found it was not. We turned the TV off, even unplugging it, this did not help. We called H H Gregg the merchant that sold us the TV and they said we would have to contact Mitsubishi. They provided us with contact information. After first speaking with a technician we were told we would have to fax the bill of sale for the TV, which we did. We received a phone call from Mitsubishi and after answering several questions someone told my husband they would get back with him. After several missed calls and several returned calls my husband spoke with a technician who walked him through several steps to try and fix the problem. Still not fixed. After all this he was finally told the name of a repairman that could help us. Two to three weeks ago my husband finally spoke with the repairman who said, without ever visiting our home and looking at the set, that he knew what was wrong and would order the part. He said it would not be any cost to us. My husband called him Friday, February 5, 2010 and the repairman said he is still waiting on parts. Now to the point of my COMPLAINT!! When we bought the TV we chose it over Sanyo, Samsung, Sony, LG even paying more for the TV because we were impressed with the quality of the picture and the surround sound feature. We did this inspite of the fact that my Father in Law, who is a surviving WWII British Veteran, was taken prisoner by the Japanese in Singapore and worked as slave labor for Mitsubishi Electric during his captivity. Many times my husband has felt a bit embarrassed when the Mitsubishi name appeared on the screen of our TV in his father's presence. Let me add that we have also been the owners of three Nikon Cameras, the most recent purchased in December of 2009. We continue to support your company, but find little support for our loyalty. Bottomline, I want a new TV. Mind you we were very satisfied with the quality of our TV, but our understanding is that when and if our TV would be fixed it would be fitted with an entirely new screen. What is the point? Again, the solution to the problem would be a new TV. For over a month our TV has been facing the wall of our front room while we watch our 15 year old 32 inch Toshiba. Lastly, keep in mind we live in Anderson Indiana, making us fans of the Indianapolis Colts and guess what we will be watching the Super Bowl on someone else's big screen TV. I will be sharing my comments with friends, relatives and possibly consumer reports.


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