United States Post Office - Lying to customers about delivery mail to wrong address

Posted on Saturday, February 6th, 2010 at 9:23am CST by 7062fc83

Product: Pompano Beach Postal Service

Company: United States Post Office

Location: 2351 West Atlantic Blvd.
pompano Beach, Fl, 33069, US

URL: http://www.usps.com/

Category: Other

In a time period of 3 months,my mail has been delivered to my neighbor that is 2 Units down,and I just recently tried to calll the Pompano Bch.Post Office to see if I could get this situation resolved,a man that would not give me his name,completely covered for his (2) Postal Carriers,Mike and Mary,but he proceeded to lie to me and say that there would be no way that his mail carriers could make such mistakes.I went on about then how would I have received my mail,on seperate occassions,from my neighbor,(2) Units down sent to him by mistake!This man continued to lie and was very rude and acted as if I was in the wrong to accuse his "faithful &loyal"mail carriers.I'm sorry to be so blunt,but it doesn't take a genius to read a number and put it in the correct mail box!If anyone can help me,please call this man at the Post Office.these people need to be held accountable for this mix-up,and not just have their (a**"s) covered.Thanks for listening!


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