Ira wood & sons, Inc - Ira wood & sons, Inc - outrageously bad customer service

Posted on Friday, February 5th, 2010 at 3:50am CST by 8e0d0432

Product: Mr. Steam - Steam system

Company: Ira wood & sons, Inc

Location: 620 Salem Drive
Owensboro, KY, 42303, US


Category: Other

I bought Mr.Steam steam system for my bathroom remodeling on 1/11/10. When I bought it,the website showed everything was in stock and would ship out within 1 or 2 days. On 1/20, I received an email from Tracey, their customer service rep, told me one of the items was on back order, would arrive their warehouse within 6-8 days. 1/29 I called her, she told me the factory had sent the item out on Wed 1/27, she should have it no later than 2/1 next Monday, and she would rush it to me once she received it. On 2/2 Tuesday I emailed her again, she told me the factory would send out the item this week, they would let me know when it was out. Basically she lied to me, the item was never sent out last wed! And I've already told my contractor the item will arrive by the week of 2/2. Since my contractor already scheduled the work, I have to let him finish the project without the steam system. I emailed Ira wood & sons on 2/3 to cancel the order cause i don't need them any more. guess what, they emailed me back next day on 2/4, told me there will be a 15% - 50% cancellation fee! What a smart business! Rip off customer by doing nothing! My order is $1505, by not sending me the items I ordered, they get $750 for reward!! What a joke! Be aware, never buy from IRA WOOD & SONS, their website is! Read other complaints about them, this is a very unethical company! They have poor management, don't know their inventory, and even worse customer service. Don't respond to emails, don't answer calls, no effort to help solve problems. I'm surprised this kind of company still exiting in today's world. I buy from online all the time for more than 10 years, this is the first time ever I've been treated like this.


cce1c4ff, 2011-05-06, 11:05AM CDT

I have had s similar experience.

I have called, emailed and even faxed to try to get a response from the manager there. Bottomline is as soon as they found out I had a problem they stopped responding.

Terrible Service. I will not purchase from them ever again.

cce1c4ff, 2011-05-06, 06:17PM CDT

I have had the same issues.

I have called 5 times now, emailed 6 times and even tried to fax them for a response. Basically they found out I had a problem and now no one will respond.

I would caution anyone wanting to purchase from Ira Woods & Sons regarding their support if you have a problem.

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